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Wellness Wednesday

“Any Age” Fitness

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Being fit and fabulous at any age requires being attentive to changes in spatial awareness and basic body mechanics. The importance of foot placement, hip mobility and range of motion also become increasingly vital as you age. So training yourself to notice whether you frequently shuffle rather than step, in addition to how your body subtly shifts while transitioning from sitting to standing, may prevent falls and other injuries.

Being proactive in regard to maintaining your independence is another big motivation for engaging in regular exercise—either solo on in a group setting. The latter in particular comes with the added benefit of having a fitness professional on hand to provide suggestions for workouts that specifically focus on improving balance and proper form. Good posture is essential for the body’s longevity, plus can be difficult to correct without some guidance. And trainers or group exercise instructors can create programs to address the challenges a wide variety of individuals are facing by modifying activities to be doable for all participants.

It is also wise to remain clear on what your main goals are as the wellness journey progresses—as it is common for health priorities to shift as weight loss happens and/or a new decade of life begins. Key components of an “any age” fitness program should include:

  • Balance
  • Range of motion
  • Core strength and awareness
  • Neuromotor skills (which often directly correlate to daily living activities such as reaching, passing an object, etc.)
  • Flexibility (incorporated via gentle stretching)

Which exercise habits have consistently worked for you? Tell the TOPS Community in the comments field below…then renew your commitment to pursuing well-being this Wednesday!

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