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A New Week’s Resolution

2018 in fruit

Thinking of consistently doing something or changing a habit for the next 362 days seems incredibly daunting no matter who you are. So how about shortening it up a bit? Instead of a New Year’s resolution, consider setting New Weeks’ resolutions. Each week, for the next 12 weeks, focus on one area that you’d like to improve. The beauty of this is that every week is not only a fresh start, but a new opportunity for success. If you follow my blog, you may recall that last year I focused on adding one new, healthy activity every month. I started off strong but fizzled a bit after the first several months. This year, I’m only going to focus on one quarter (12 weeks) at a time. Here are my weekly resolutions for the next 12 weeks.

Week 1 – Wear my activity tracker every day, and aim for at least 10,000 steps, four days a week.

Week 2 – Do neck and upper back stretches at morning break for at least three days a week.

Week 3 – Journal food every single day (I tend to skip weekends, so this will get me back on track).

Week 4 – Complete a yoga class or go cross-country skiing before the end of January.

Week 5 – Repeat week one.

Week 6 – Include vegetables for breakfast at least twice this week.

Week 7 – Regain KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) status.

Week 8 – Schedule a time to donate blood.

Week 9 – Repeat week two.

Week 10 – Go meatless for one day this week.

Week 11 – Attend my workout class at least twice this week.

Week 12 – Set weekly resolutions for the next 12 weeks.

If the idea of setting weekly resolutions sounds doable for you, feel free to customize them to your own unique needs. It’s a good idea to choose resolutions that are small, simple and that go with the flow of your life. If weekly goals sound like too much, try setting a quarterly goal instead.

Do you have any health and weight-loss goals for 2018? Share them in the comments section below!

5 thoughts on “A New Week’s Resolution

  1. As a KOPS plan on getting below goal and keeping it there, don’t like to worry as weigh in time is here before I realize it. Last year 2017 first weigh in of the year was in the red .02, first time in over 2 years in the black. This year near the holidays got lax. Not doing that this year.

  2. My goal for the first 6 months of this year would be to lose 6 lbs to goal and regain my Kops status which I lost in April of 2012.

  3. I got pretty sick in the last 3 weeks with a cold from my niece. I stopped doing my 10,000 steps a day and dwindled down to about 2,000. So, now I’m feeling better and have more energy, but I’m not going to just jump into the 10K again. I’m setting a MODERATE goal of 5K a day for the first week, then 6 and so on, until I’m back to my goal.

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