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Wellness Wednesday

Had a Calorie Splurge? Here are 3 Tips for Getting Back on Track

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I recently welcomed my aunt and uncle from the Pacific Northwest for a quick family getaway. Originally hailing from Wisconsin, they were eager to indulge in all of the state’s staples including cheese curds, beer, and of course, a Friday night fish fry. To be fair, Wisconsin does have many healthy food options available that extend beyond its culinary clichés. But I wanted to give the people what they wanted, and I’m a firm believer in the TOPS philosophy that all foods fit … even cheese curds. After a food-filled visit, we were all eager to get back to our normal eating routines. This got me thinking about the importance of not dwelling too much on a slip-up or setback.

To help you start planning for the upcoming holidays and the extra snacks and treats they typically bring, here are three tips for getting back on track after a holiday or special event.

Plan to get moving. Whether it’s your favorite workout class or a long walk with a friend, set an exercise date and stick to it as if it were an appointment. And don’t think of this as “punishment” but rather an opportunity to feel energized and recharged.

Plan to up your veggies. Unfortunately, most trips or holiday gatherings don’t result in me saying, “I ate way too many vegetables last night!” That’s why I always make it a point to have extra veggies for meals and snacks the week following a calorie-filled weekend.

Plan to … plan. Set aside an hour or so for meal prep. Scan some recipes, make a shopping list, figure out which of your kitchen tools you’ll need and prepare three to four meals that you can just grab and eat for the week.

One party, one weekend or even one cheese curd-filled Wisconsin road trip won’t derail your weight-loss efforts. Don’t demand perfection in your healthy lifestyle. Instead, enjoy the successes, learn from the setbacks and find joy in the journey.

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