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Healthy Tips for the Fair

Tomorrow officially kicks off the start of the state fair here in Wisconsin. One of the stars of the fair each year is, of course, the food. Each year, I’m always amazed by what vendors decide to deep fry or wrap in bacon. Unsurprisingly, the fair isn’t exactly a waistline-friendly event. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip it…

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Tips to Get Moving

If you had told Patsy Casteen three years ago that she would be running countless races, line dancing on the TODAY Show, hula-hooping in Orlando and representing TOPS at a medical conference in Philadelphia, she would have laughed in disbelief. Since rejoining TOPS in 2014, Patsy (pictured left) has lost 100 pounds and feels healthier and more active than ever.…

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Tips for a Lighter Cookout

Since I’ve started consistently tracking my food, I’m constantly amazed by how quickly calories can add up, particularly in social situations. Take your average cookout, for example. One 4-ounce cheeseburger with a bun can be around 500 calories. Add dessert, a beer or cocktail, and a few handfuls of chips while chatting with friends and you’re easily over 1,000 calories!…

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Scale with bare feet
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How to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Have you ever experienced, or are you currently experiencing, FOSAW? I’m talking about Fear Of Scale After the Weekend. If we’re not careful, FOSAW can become a weekly occurrence. We often hear about how difficult it can be to manage weight in the winter. After all, we have the holidays, the heavy comfort foods and the gloomy weather that’s rarely…

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