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Wellness Wednesday

Healthy Tips for the Fair

fair ride


Tomorrow officially kicks off the start of the state fair here in Wisconsin. One of the stars of the fair each year is, of course, the food. Each year, I’m always amazed by what vendors decide to deep fry or wrap in bacon. Unsurprisingly, the fair isn’t exactly a waistline-friendly event. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip it or deprive yourself. After all, a sustainable healthy lifestyle is all about balancing choices…even if that choice is the occasional deep-fried, bacon-wrapped something or other on a stick. Just remember to keep these tips in mind to help you fare well at the fair.

  • Decide ahead of time what you really want…and enjoy it. Scan the event’s website (if they have one) to see what new foods are available. Or take a lap around the grounds and scan your options before you decide. Split a treat or two with a friend to help you feel satisfied without feeling stuffed. Plus, you’ll save money to boot!
  • Have a step goal in mind. Fair day is a great opportunity to squeeze in an early-morning workout. There’s just something about a post-workout treat that makes it taste that much better. You can also use the fair as an opportunity to set, and reach, a certain step goal. 6,000 steps, for example, is about 3 miles walked!
  • Have a pre- and post-fair plan. If you know you’ll be heading to the fair over the weekend, plan to dial in your nutrition and exercise on the days leading up to the event and/or after the event. This may involve eating more veggies throughout the day, making sure you’re drinking enough water, choosing lighter meals or adding a few extra minutes to your workouts.

Do you have a healthy game plan for faring well at summer fairs or other special events? Share it below!

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