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Protect Your Financial Well-Being

Financia Scams

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us will be making a lot of purchases online. However, the advice to shop smart also requires being cautious about how and when credit card numbers and checking account information is shared, as well … Continue reading

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4 “High Energy” Foods

Four High Energy Foods

Feel like you rarely have enough energy to work out?  The problem may be less related to motivation and more so due to inadequate nutrition.   Certain foods can help boost energy levels for a longer duration than the short “sugar … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Food Trends

Food Trends

Facts over feelings is the impetus behind many consumers demanding more transparency behind food-related terminology and eating trends. The yo-yo emotions surrounding a ‘start-n-stop’ wellness expedition have left many folks spent. One food myth in particular which has received a … Continue reading

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How Tech Can Trip Us Up

Picture of mobile phone

The one accessory you’re unlikely to see me anywhere without is my iPhone. But tech tools have become such an indispensable component to most of our daily lives that we don’t often realize how much of a negative impact they … Continue reading

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Everyday Fitness You’re Already Doing

Woman Folding Laundry

Working out, at times, can certainly feel like a chore. But the good news I wanted to share today is a reminder about a few household tasks many of us are already doing, that are pretty efficient in terms of … Continue reading

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Reading or Listening to Anything Good These Days?

stack of books

Editor’s note: I was chatting recently with TOPS Nutrition and Fitness Editor Rachel Werner, all about how she naturally gravitates toward wellness podcasts, books and other forms of media. I loved that! We spoke about Rachel discussing some of these items … Continue reading

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Mental Health Always Matters

Mental Health Matters

I want to thank you all for continously making this Wellness Wednesday blog a safe space where everyone can be honest about the triumphs we achieve and the ongoing challenges we face. Being vulnerable by sharing when we are going … Continue reading

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Staying Mentally Fit


I will admit to not having much “down time” most days. On the rare occasion when I am not scheduled to be away on assignment, in a meeting or on my computer frantically trying to meet a deadline, the default … Continue reading

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Foodies Travel, Too


Have you had a joy-filled July? I sure have! But it’s good to be back in front of the computer crafting this week’s blog. One TOPS member had requested I find out nutritional information on alligator while I was in … Continue reading

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