Friend-Friendly Fitness Goal

Toxic Relationships Can Hinder Success

Pair up with pals to help you stay motivated to exercise regularly this summer – especially since it can be easy for the days to rapidly roll by once prime vacation time begins. Looking forward to a positive experience or a celebratory event you’ll do with others can be much more effective than constantly fixating on how to avoid setbacks. It’s like choosing to complain about a problem while spending little-to-no time working on a solution. So here are three ideas for ways to keep moving with your fit tribe over the coming months:

1) Streak It

Agree to keep track of how many consecutive days you can each work out, meditate, hit your hydration goal, etc. Challenging each other to consistently meet a daily goal for a pre-determined number of consecutive weeks will provide accountability for your chapter or friend group as a whole. Also, consider scheduling a few recreational outings as additional positive motivation to remain active.

2) Spread the Word

Is there a local nonprofit that has an annual race or ride to raise money and awareness about a community initiative, health condition or social justice issue? If so, think about forming a team to participate in this year’s event. Then share with others online and in person about what day you’ll be lacing up for a good cause. You never know who else might be interested in donating – or joining your running or cycling crew.

3) Sign Up Together

If you’ve been itching to try a new activity, see if you can wrangle a few folks to tag along to a water fitness class at the local pool or try an online yoga class with you for a few live sessions. Another possibility would be to meet up for a walking tour of your city or historic buildings in the town where you live. Many areas now have apps that can be downloaded to do a self-guided tour at your pace on whatever day works best for everyone.

I am actually doing a “Mad for Madtown” challenge on Memorial Day weekend which will involve running a 5K with my daughter the night before I run a 10K in the morning with one of my closest friends. Do you also already have fit plans with friends penciled into your calendar? Tell me more in the comments thread below.

Lean into your wellness warrior spirit this Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Friend-Friendly Fitness Goal

    1. This is a great question, Georgia!
      One idea would be a bingo card that has a different activity in each square. There also could be two levels of “winners.” One prize for those who get BINGO the traditional way (= completing 5 square in a row). Then a “top tier” for anyone who “blacks out” the card (does every item). If you need ideas for what types of activities could go on the card, look at the current (and past) TOPS inspo calendars.

    2. I’m 85 I challenge.my friends to walk outdoors as at least 5 days a week like I do. Staying active is important & benefits overall good health. I eat raw veggies daily which helps my digestion system running smoothly.

  1. Every morning my friend, who is also my water aerobics instructor, texts me how she did the previous day with eating, exercise, and motivation. Then she tells me her goal for the day. My response text says how I did and my plan as well. Not only am I accountable at my weekly weigh ins, I am also accountable daily to my friend. Her text have kept me on my journey for 4 years.

    1. Truly, the simplicity of this habit the two of you have cultivated shows that encouragement and accountability doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult to maintain long-term.

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