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Wellness Wednesday

Unhealthy Social Dynamics Can Hinder Success

Toxic Relationships Can Hinder Success

Toxic relationships can sabotage healthy, positive change. Sometimes the effect is direct and acute like a partner or kids constantly complaining about having dessert less often after dinner. But we can also be triggered emotionally by family or friend drama such as chronically absorbing passive-aggressive behavior from loved ones who may resent the fact you are more physically active and are losing weight. 

If your inner circle is habitually immersed in dysfunctional conflict, lean more into the TOPS community. Being surrounded by folks who are not supportive will make your wellness journey much more challenging than it needs to be. Remember that our website and faceBook page allow us to archive resources, plus stay connected no matter what time of day it is or where we live. Instead of feeling weighed down by negative attitudes, unnecessary stress and/or discouraging comments, tap into the vast network of TOPS members for a morale boost. 

It’s also perfectly acceptable to set boundaries with those closest to you in regard to what you are – and are not – willing to discuss about your personal health journey. You can’t change the way people react to your gradual transition into a wellness-centered lifestyle. But you can influence how long harmful feelings linger. Don’t allow yourself to physically or mentally dwell in debilitating spaces for too long. Have an exit plan at the ready. This can be as simple as taking a solo walk at an extended family gathering or periodic mindfulness breaks during a weekend getaway with friends. 

In addition, don’t hesitate to share the welcoming vibe TOPS has toward newcomers if you have acquaintances interested in modifying their eating patterns and fitness routines. We all benefit from giving – and receiving – a consistent dose of compassion which makes extending an invite to a meeting, sharing a Recipe of the Month or passing along a recent issue of TOPS News a simple act of kindness.

Now I want to hear more about your well-being crew in this week’s comments. The more “shout-outs,” the better!

Grateful this Wednesday for the winning team we all are together.

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