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Nourish Yourself … Without Taking a Bite

puppy cuddling with toys
Rachel’s pup, Butter

Nourishment is natural. But it also comes in myriad forms. Too often, food is the ‘default’ reward we crave — or a quick source of comfort on a stressful day. Choices that, left unchecked, can trigger unhealthy behaviors and negative feelings if we over-indulge.

The next time you’re craving a little TLC, try one of these nourishing activities instead of an edible perk:

  • Down Time: Less may be the right remedy when you’re feeling overwhelmed by errands, events and/or a mounting “to-do list” at work. Thus, give yourself permission to savor silence by carving out time to read, meditate or simply unplug from others and outside distractions by turning the tv off or putting your phone in another room for 20 minutes (or more) each day.
  • Critter Cuddles: Pet therapy actually works! Numerous studies have shown positive physical contact with a dog can lower one’s blood pressure, and cats are frequently requested as companions in hospice programs that allow animals. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t currently have an in-house pet. Some local animal rescue programs will bring animals currently up for adoption out to visit with local residents as a way to help socialize shy pups or kitties.
  • Happy Spaces: After spending many months ‘safer at home,’ when was the last time you were in another locale you absolutely adore? Perhaps you’re well overdue for a visit to your fave library, park, bookstore, theater or art museum. A long drive out in the country or along the coast can also be restorative in terms of change of scenery — and getting a much-needed dose of fresh air.

Feel free to share more about alternative ways you like to treat yourself in the comments below. Let’s keep inspiring each other to be healthy on a holistic level.

Make it another wonderful Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “Nourish Yourself … Without Taking a Bite

  1. I see a lot the time just flies when I am in my sewing room!! Love being creative!!! But have to really have control snacks at days end!! I have ti remember ti drink water!! Do I keep glass of ice water near by while watching tv!!

    1. I also have to remind myself to keep a water (or hot tea or both 🙂 near me when I am writing at my desk, Marietta. This one of the reasons I try to keep a water bottle close by most of the time.

  2. My go to now is deep breathing. Secret was the key to my stress reliever but she was let go on February 11th.

    I’m keeping busy finding a place for everything in my house and monitoring my health. By that I mean, 10 minute workouts and then doing reading an hour and studying God’s word.

    It’s so freeing! At this point, I dont even think food.

    1. I journal and read almost every night before I go to bed, Jane. Two activities that very much helps me to unwind at bedtime.

    1. Quality time with friends is definitely something I feel there wasn’t enough of (due to the pandemic) over the last 2 years. Glad to hear you ladies took this time for yourselves!

  3. We have an hour of “adults only” at the Y pool set aside for following your own exercise regimen. Five minutes in the heated spa afterwards brings me home relaxed and happy with no thoughts of food.

    1. I believe that! I also thoroughly enjoy a “spa moment”…No matter whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours, I am 100% a happy gal after being in a sauna, steam room &/or hot tub.

  4. I’ll be 20 year KOPS 5/6/22 – lots of good friends in NC 955. Needed to lower my KOPS goal recently. Looking forward to NC SRD May 2022. Maintaining status is easy as I lose / maintain with my chapter palls. .Eating more veggies got me to bottom of leeway! I’m Program Chairmen. I’ll do program about veggie soup & it’s benefits helping us lose & maintain healthy eating habits. Will present program on eating more veggies in chapter soon encouraging all to get on veggie bandwagon- it works great!

    1. Congrats on your upcoming TOPS anniversary, Jan! And I give you “two thumbs up” on encouraging your chapter members to do more plant-based eating. Very solid advice, so I hope the presentation goes well.

  5. I boost my mood and thwart snack cravings by going to my craft corner and making a few cards. I am grateful for my TOPS pals who accept my creation with a smile weather it turns out well or is a flop. I hope the cards encourage members who are struggling or who are celebrating an achievement.

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