The Periodic Table of TOPS: Xe is for Exercise

I have learned the necessity to bend and be flexible on my LiFe PaTh. This is why I really appreciated the help given to me in naming my blog. So, let’s keep the refraction going.

The next element introduced is Xe which symbolizes Xenon, a gas that helps generate lasers and strobe lights.

For the purpose of my Periodic Table of TOPS and with some flexibility, Xe must symbolize Exercise (Xe). Yes, I can hear the groans now.

Xe is for Exercise No matter what I call it, just using portion control is not enough to maintain my prescribed goal weight. Some form of exercise is needed.

In the past, I considered Exercise (Xe) as something I wanted to avoid because it sounded so harsh. I tried to convince myself it was more pleasant to say I will increase my physical activity … to me it just sounded better.

No matter what I call it, just using portion Control (C) is not enough to maintain my prescribed goal Weight (W). Some form of Exercise (Xe) is needed.

It is not necessary to go to a gym or run multiple miles each day. Any movement to maintain Momentum (Mo) on your journey to a healthier lifestyle will be helpful. A suggested amount of Exercise (Xe) is approximately 150 minutes a week, spread out over the entire seven days. You (U) can use Krames Health Library found on the TOPS website to find an Exercise (Xe) to match your Health (H) condition.

I take every Opportunity (O) to increase my physical activity, from parking my car in the last row of the lot (plenty of spaces there) when I go to an event to using the stairs instead of an elevator. My record is when my hotel room was on the tenth floor; I did so many steps on that trip.

Although I take every Opportunity (O) available to grab those precious 150 minutes a week, most of my success came from walking each day as my form of Exercise (Xe). On refracting on my struggles of late, not walking as much as I did in the past is an Obstacle (Ob) to my success. Apparently “jumping to conclusions” does not count.

I must reset my Target (Ta) and GaIn my Momentum (Mo) again to hold myself Accountable (Ac). I hope you can find the right Exercise (Xe). TOPS Support (S) is there to help. We are a great TeAm.


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