The Periodic Table of TOPS: W is for Weight

The timing of this next element of the Periodic Table of TOPS happens to land on the day after Thanksgiving. Upon further refraction, there really is not a great day to discuss this heavy subject. The next element is W which in TOPS symbolizes Weight.

I No Longer Let My Weight Number Define My Life

In nature, W symbolizes tungsten which is also called wolfram. It is used to increase strength in steel, and as filament in light bulbs. So, let me shine some light (pun intended) on the subject of Weight (W).

There is a common misconception for better Health(H) that all you need to do is drop some Weight (W). This is part of the equation, however there is more to the story.

When I weighed in at my first TOPS meeting, the Scale (Sc) gave me a number of 321 pounds. When I shared this number with family and friends, there first comment was “No, that his not your Weight (W). My reaction was, “Why would I make up such a number?” Maybe they just could not believe it. I did not understand their reaction.

Now I do understand. There has always been a focus on the “number.” The Weight (W) number seems to have overshadowed the ultimate goal of taking a Li Fe PaTh to get to a healthier place. I assumed that Person A who is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and has a Weight (W) of 150 pounds must be healthier than Person B who is the same height and has a Weight (W) of 220 pounds. Looks can be deceiving. Person A may have a higher lipid profile than Person B. Judgement by others would tell Person B that they need to lose Weight (W), not realizing they may be at their healthiest point in their life.

I no longer let my Weight (W) number define my life. I am an Individual (I) that has altered by Behavior (B) to avoid the Temptations (T) and claim being in better Health (H) as a Victory (V).

Yes, prior to joining TOPS and having a Weight (W) number of 321 pounds, I was a wreck. My healthcare provider diagnosed me as borderline diabetic, borderline sleep apnea, a lipid profile putting me at high risk of a cardiac event and not being able to climb two flight of stairs without gasping for air. As I lost Weight (W), all these conditions either improved or didn’t happen. It is important to note that all this took place before losing 101 pounds, getting to a new Weight (W) number of 220 over 20 years ago.

Over the past several years I have added on some pounds, but all my potential Health (H) scares are still being held in check. I can honestly say if I had let the number define me and not focus on the Ga In of a better Li Fe Pa Th, I would have given up.

With the Support (S) of TOPS, I have a new Momentum (M) as continue to Take Off Pounds Sensibly.


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  1. Even with Thanksgiving not being a great time to discuss weight, it is a great time for you to discuss why we should all be thankful for the gift of a healthy lifestyle. Congratulations on changing yours so that you can enjoy a healthier weight. Happy Thanksgiving!

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