The Periodic Table of TOPS: Ga In is for Gain

There are some elements in the Periodic Table of TOPS I connect with right away. Others, I believe have not impacted me yet, simply because I am not there in my refracted journey. The key is to know where to look when I need them to stabilize my Health (H). 

I have selected two more elements that get me closer to the halfway point. Gallium (Ga) is used to make medical thermometers since the element is non-toxic. Indium (In) is used in solar panels to absorb and convert photons from the sun into electricity. 

Following the compounding process again, putting Ga and In together symbolizes a word that now has a new meaning for me. That word is Gain (Ga In).  

On my LiFe PaTh journey, I always thought the word Gain (Ga In) was a bad thing. After all, the Plan (P) was to lose weight and everything else would fall into place. A Gain (Ga In) would have a negative bearing on any Victory (V) I had hoped for. 

The real meaning of Gain (Ga In) was always right there in front of me, but I just didn’t see it. It was not until I took the Opportunity (O) to use one of the available Support (S) tools: TOPS TALKS, that it became evident. 

During a recent session, Dr. Arya Sharma from the University of Berlin gave a presentation on the barriers to obesity treatment. During the question-and-answer section, I suggested that it may be best to monitor weight loss not by pounds, but rather, by percentage of total body weight loss.  

His response totally changed my Behavior (B) and how I look at a Scale (Sc). He stated, “… It’s not about loss at all in obesity treatment, it’s about gain … what you try to gain is health and quality of life.”     

Prior to hearing his response, I would “beat myself up” when I had a Gain (Ga In). I had lost 30% of my body weight, but I’m now only maintaining a 16% loss. I had lost my Momentum (Mo) dwelling on the wrong Gain (Ga In).  

I never focused on that I was able to Gain (Ga In) on this LiFe PaTh — a greatly improved quality of life: A situation in which I can now boldly state, “I am in better Health (H) now in my 60s than I was in my 40s.” 

I’m still working on improving my percentage; however, I am going to take the Gain (Ga In) of a great Victory (V). I am alive today when many of my friends thought I would not make it this far on my LiFe PaTh.  


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  1. I really like this post! Thanks, Rick, for pointing out what isn’t always so obvious – that focusing on the positive is always better than trying to overcome a negative. We are on the right Pa Th!

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