The Periodic Tables of TOPS: Li Fe Pa Th – The Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

A solution is a liquid mixture made up of two or more substances in which molecules or atoms are completely dispersed. Another definition of “solution” is, the correct answer to a puzzle or problem. Losing weight is both a puzzle and a problem for me. It will take modifying my Behavior (B) to find the solutions. 

Both of these definitions will work well for the Periodic Table of TOPS. 

Li Fe Pa Th

The following elements — Lithium (Li), Iron (Fe), Protactinium (Pa) and Thorium (Th) — all have important uses in everyday life, including within batteries, steel, geological tracers, and making lenses for scientific equipment, respectively. 

I use the various elements from the Periodic Table of TOPS to mix a perfect solution that provides a solution suited to my Individuality (I). This will help me plot my LiFe PaTh, or in other words, my continuing journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

Losing weight and achieving better health is often referred to as journey. My LiFe PaTh is different than yours, however, we can all use the same elements to Plan (P) our best approach. 

It is easier to go off course than to stay on the right LiFe PaTh. Whenever I get lost, I quickly look to my chapter for Support (S) to help me find the best Clues (Cl) to Navigate (Na) back to the center. 

I have mentioned that the Scale (Sc) measures my Momentum (Mo), but it does not define me. The LiFe PaTh that I am currently on is the best indicator of my Health (H). I am able to physically and mentally do what I want as I continue to work on my bucket list. 

There is no way of knowing when my LiFe PaTh will end, and I do not dwell on it. I take the Opportunity (O) each day to be happy and keep moving the ball forward, relishing in any Victory (V) along the way. Sometimes it’s rough, but I do not give up. 

Although we all travel on a different LiFe PaTh, it does not mean we will not cross each other’s way. We need to connect and Support (S) each other. I am heading to be as healthy as I can. I hope your LiFe PaTh will help you with the same. 


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  1. Again – l so very much enjoy your letters and it gives me so much support – thank you over and over again.

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