The Periodic Table of TOPS: Mo is for Momentum

There are times when things may come to a stop. In order to get them moving again, a catalyst may need to be introduced. This happens with chemical reactions. The element, Molybdenum (Mo) occurs in nature and serves a cofactor of enzymes used in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. 

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, Mo symbolizes Momentum. Momentum (Mo) can be good or bad. It is important to keep it moving in the right direction, noting that it is easier to keep it going once you have started. 

Mo is for Momentum

As in nature, the right cofactor can get the reaction started again. I will always do my best to stay on the right course. Yes, I will fail from time to time, or as I like to say, “it’s a learning process.”  

Many years ago, I attended a TOPS event, and the speaker was talking about how not to be a “couch potato.” It occurred to me that most of the energy needed happens at the moment you start to get off the couch. Once you’re up, it’s easier to keep going.  

This concept applies to many things. Think about a rocket that blasts off into space. More energy is used to pull away from gravity than to keep it traveling through the galaxy. This is where I got idea for the Aim for the Stars program presented with the help of Astronaut Dan. Constellations were used as guideposts to help keep one on the right path to a Healthy (H) lifestyle. This later became a blog series. 

As one thing leads to another, it takes careful Planning (P) in keeping Momentum (Mo) to progress smoothly.  

I know if I miss a meeting, it seems easier to skip the next one or two. That is Momentum (Mo) going in the wrong direction. I also get in a rut, gaining for several weeks in a row — another example of going the wrong way. 

The only way I can make sure to have the right Momentum (Mo) is to get Support (S) to help me change my Behavior (B). It’s not easy … there are many Temptations (T) that can get in the way. 

We know traveling to a Healthy (H) lifestyle is difficult, and Victories (V) are hard-fought. However, if you get stuck like I do, remember in TOPS we can find the needed nudge to get ball rolling again and be on the path of Momentum (Mo)

All we need to do is start again and let the right Momentum (Mo) take care of us. 


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  1. Your Periodic Table for TOPS is Great – no, actually it’s Tops!!
    Very interesting comments to each of the Periodic Table for TOPS.
    I’m going back to check out the Related Posts.
    Thank you very much for sharing!!!

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