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The Periodic Table of TOPS: S is for Support

The new Periodic Table of TOPS is coming along nicely. In the science world, all elements are not compatible or pleasant, such as S for sulfur. The smell of rotten eggs and caustic properties made this element a challenge to use when I was in the laboratory. Luckily, in TOPS Nation, S symbolizes Support, which provides a key basic element to the success of my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

the element of Support

When I have a task to do, it’s always better to have others involved. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pleasant one or a challenging one. When I’m traveling and something wonderful happens, I can’t help but think, “Wow, my wife would enjoy this.” Conversely, if something difficult takes place, I cannot but help say, “I wish my wife was here to help.”

Humans are naturally social beings. Interactions with others are a great learning tool. Seeking Support should be a natural tendency. However, it was much easier to ask for support for a pleasant project as opposed to something personal like weight loss.

Managing my weight and seeking a healthier lifestyle is a challenge, and I really do not want to do it alone. Wanting not to do it alone and being willing to ask for help unfortunately was — and continues to be — a challenge.

I must always remember it’s not a sign of weakness asking for support. Asking for support is a sign of strength. Interacting with others that have the same goals can provide valuable insight on how best to achieve my own purpose.

S symbolizing Support can come in many different shapes. A word of encouragement, sharing an idea, a hug, a pat on the back, or a simple smile can help. Just knowing that I am not alone on this quest makes it more bearable. It takes a great deal of support to overcome the battle scars obtained during the war against obesity.

Refracting over my life, there were times I needed support that wasn’t just related to obesity. I’m extremely fortunate that my wife supported me on all my journeys.

I can honestly state that if it was not for her support and the support TOPS provides, I may not be alive today. I’m reminded of this when I meet someone I knew more than twenty years ago. Usually, they remark that I am looking good and they thought I would not make it past my mid-fifties.

In closing, I hope you all find the support you need — and support someone in need.


This is part 3 of the multipart series, “The Periodic Table of TOPS.” In my next blog, we’ll explore the element C.


4 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: S is for Support

  1. The support I received on my way to goal is missed now. The thought of making it, is support enough.

  2. Thanks again Rick for your words of encouragement and support – it is always a good thing to ask for support but also it seems to be the hardest thing for some people. I look forward to your news every Friday, it is much appreciated. Cheers, Kathy in Canada

  3. Absolutely! What I give to TOPS, I receive back ten fold in support. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

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