The Periodic Table of TOPS: T is for Temptation

Up to this point, every element I have discussed had a tie-in with a natural element. One would think with 118 chemical elements, I would be able to find the right one to continue building the Periodic Table of TOPS. 

T for Temptation

Since I need a T, I am refracting that T symbolizes Temptation or Tempted.  

I mentioned in the Victory (V) blog, I was Tempted (T) to show the finished product because I was excited for all of you to see it. However, what would I learn? What would you learn? It is important not to succumb to all the Temptations (T) that are out there. However, no matter how much Planning (P) I do, it will happen. It’s part of human Behavior (B). 

Temptations (T) come from many sources, and I will mention a few here. Some I can Control (C), others I cannot. The Temptation (T) to have the perfect body shape, thinking that it will solve my problems can cause havoc on my psyche and possibly cause me to make unwise choices. 

Societal pressure will constantly be out there. Another Temptation (T) that is difficult to manage is from the people who will casually say, “You are doing so well. One-piece of cake will not hurt.” 

For the most part, they are correct. One serving should not hurt, but they do not know where I am on my journey. How many calories have I had that day? If I am struggling, that one piece may set me off course, which may lead to two or more pieces. Unless I take the Opportunity (O) to explain why I politely refused their offer, how will they know? How will they learn and maybe not do it to someone else? 

It is hard enough to deal with inner struggles that I put on myself. Yet, until I can find the comfort from within to explain my struggles, the Temptations (T) will never diminish. If I had a drinking problem, would some be as quick to say to me, “You are doing so well. One drink will not hurt?” 

It is ironic that the foods that Tempt (T) me the most, do not fill my Nutritional (N) needs. I am making my Health (H) a priority. In order to stand firm against all the Temptations (T) out there, I need to let friends and family know about my struggles.  

We all have the element of Individuality (I), and a blog is not the place to dissect all the addictions out there. Sometimes, I can handle a food Temptation (T) better on one day, but other days, it may be a different story. This is where I rely on the TOPS Support (S), and it’s why I have taken on the task of building this Periodic Table. There are many elements that will affect your journey and mine. Together, we can do our best to be as healthy as we can be.  

Next time we will sink our teeth into F, which in nature, stands for Fluorine. I let you ponder on how we will use F as the next element in the TOPS Periodic Table. 


4 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: T is for Temptation

  1. Hello Rick I live in Calgary and have used some of your periodic table information for programs in my Tops group
    Will you please inform me as to how I can access the support information you provided
    I am doing a program on support for September and with it there will be one on friends. I would love to incorporate the support portion. thank you
    Gratefully. Jean

  2. I fear we are losing the members who don’t have access or use email or computers, texting, etc We need to address these subjects with them & we need to figure out how to communicate with these individuals. I think anytime a new member or renewal comes into head quarters needs to be added to added to a USPS mailing list. We need to address this.

  3. Another great read. Thank you

    Friends my support group are my friends. Food is the obvious choice for f. I’m excited, following.

  4. I love these concise, poignant blogs for the Periodic Table of TOPS. What a fantastic themed idea! Each post is a full fledged program that can be delivered in a short span of time and sparks discussion and sharing among members. Clever teaming of the original scientific symbol and a fitting, health related element for the sensible, realistic approach TOPS promotes as the way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. PS This is great program material for weekly meetings! Minimal work, maximal messages!

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