The Periodic Table of TOPS: V is for Victory

There are only a few more one-letter symbols from the original Periodic Table, then I will be switching to the two-letter symbols. Finding and cataloging the numerous elements was a huge effort. Some elements were discovered several times before they became official.

V for Vanadium is one of those storied natural elements. It was named for the Scandinavian Goddess of Beauty, Vanadis. In nature, it produces many multicolored beautiful compounds.

I am not just focusing on the big victory. It's the little victories that keep me going.

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, V must symbolize Victory. I am not just focusing on the big Victory (V) which is when I reach and stay at my goal weight. It’s the little (multicolored) victories that keep me going.

I have stated before, weight loss is not easy and requires much Support (S). My Victory (V) required losing 101 pounds. If I had focused on the whole number, I doubt whether I would have achieved that ultimate Victory (V).

Regardless of how much one needs to lose, it’s the step by step, multicolored victories that can provide us with the sense progress is being made. My small victories may seem silly to some. But they are mine. 

Despite the fact that I have re-gained some of my weight, I am no longer knocking on the door of diabetes. My risk of a cardiac incident has been greatly reduced. I cannot run a marathon, but I can manage four to five flights of stairs. There is no longer a concern about sleep apnea and I am told my snoring has improved. I can also wrap a towel around my waist when I get out of the shower. I told you some were silly!

I have many more multicolored victories, however, I think you get the point.

What keeps you going? It is important to find your successes, as you work toward your ultimate Victory (V).

I will share one more small victory that is keeping me focused: Writing a Periodic Table of TOPS. It is coming along better than I had hoped. The creators of the original table placed 118 natural elements. The Periodic Table of TOPS will have 52 elements taken from the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Adjustments will need to be made along the way to the 52nd element. However, we all need to continue to adjust Planning (P) and create better Behavior (B).

Although I have already selected the last element of the series, I need to focus on the 10th TOPS element. Next time, the discussion will revolve around T, symbolizing Temptation.

I have achieved the big Victory (V) six times, and am working toward my seventh. I am not special… just exercising my Individuality (I), improving my Health (H) and refracting on my little victories.


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  1. I had not really thought about the small Victories … mostly I’ve been focused on the end goal … the big V … my set back this past winter was an 18 lb weight gain … now I’ve just focused on the wee drops in weight … I know they will all add up to the end goal and the big Victory “V”. Thanks for all your efforts.

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