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The Periodic Table of TOPS: N is for Nutrition

In the chemical world, N is the symbol for Nitrogen. It is the seventh element, having many uses for being the fifth most abundant element on earth. People mainly focus on its use in fertilizers or refrigeration. However, in TOPS Nation, N will symbolize Nutrition and will be our second element for the Periodic Table of TOPS.

the element of Nutrition

In order to lose weight, I need to establish a calorie deficit. Weekly, for every 3,500 calories that I either don’t consume or burn, will result in the lose of one pound. Refracting further, that’s just 500 calories a day that I need to manage. Certainly, I can do this… all I have to do is cut back 300 calories and increase my physical activity to burn the other 200 calories, and I am on the way to my goal weight. Apparently, I was making things too complicated. This should be a breeze.

Reality check — nothing is as easy at it seems. If it was, then I would have lost weight simply by eating chips, cake, and chocolate for my daily caloric intake. Trust me, it didn’t work. Going back to the basic elements, I needed to be reminded that proper nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. A balance of basics must be established. N symbolizing Nutrition holds a significant position in the Periodic Table of TOPS.

The source of calories does make a difference. Some research suggests that the origin of a calorie will influence the selection of the next calorie. Proper nutrition provides the body with what it needs to function efficiently. If the body is not properly fueled, then best efforts on managing weight may go by the wayside.

My wife, Anne, shared a great analogy once at a chapter meeting. She suggested that our bodies are like a wood furnace or stove. You need to use the right fuel for maximum efficiency to get the most heat. Put some twigs in the stove and you will get a quick flash of heat, which will not last long. However, if you used seasoned, dry wood, you will get a longer, even burn for more heat. Also, you need to feed the stove on a schedule to keep the flames going. Just loading it up all at once won’t be efficient, and restarting will take more effort.

As much as I would like to eat from just one or two food groups, it will only last a short while. Yes, I can get quick satisfaction from eating a greasy cheeseburger, fries, and a shake, but how will that sustain a healthy lifestyle? I needed to use better fuel. Reading about the TOPS Exchange System helped me find options for proper nutrition to achieve maximum efficiency and better fuel choices.

Yes, the right nutrients (fuel) may cost more than the cheap stuff; however, the costs can be offset. I no longer need to purchase vitamins, probiotics, antacids, other supplements, and prescribed medications. Plus, nothing feels better than feeling better. I am much healthier at age sixty-five than forty-five.

Proper Nutrition is rewarding, not punishing — and that is why N is for Nutrition.


This is part 2 of the multipart series, “The Periodic Table of TOPS.” In my next blog, we’ll explore the element S.


2 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: N is for Nutrition

  1. I’m amazed at your perspective of “N” for “Nutrition”… which explains why we need to include more than one or two food groups to keep us on the right track. Once in a while is okay… but not forever! All food groups are important for all of us all the time. It puts into a new perspective on why we cannot neglect other food groups.

    Thanks for putting us “back on track”

  2. It was nice to meet you at the Connecticut SRD last week. I appreciated the chance to chat with you and to hear your message. Thank you.

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