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The Periodic Table of TOPS: C is for Control

Setting the table for a formal banquet can be challenging. Making sure that the salad fork is on the correct side, the water glasses are filled, and family and friends are seated where there will be no problems. It’s nice if everyone gets along.

Setting a Periodic Table of TOPS is equally challenging. As I mentioned, not all the basic elements will line up and get along. There will be conflict … and that leads us to the next element for our journey to a healthier lifestyle.

In nature, C symbolizes Carbon, and it is the key ingredient for most life on Earth. If you move the atoms around, arranged in the right order, you get a diamond. For my refracted purpose in the Periodic Table of TOPS, C symbolizes Control.

the element of Control

I have learned the secret to Control is to control only what I can control. It does no good to stress out about what I cannot control. Focusing on what is under my control leads to success. However, it’s easier to say than do.

In nature, there are elements that won’t mix well, and if forced to come together, will result in an explosion. Think again about the formal banquet if two relatives who have not spoken in years are seated at the same table.

Luckily, most elements do complement each other. Control is a such major concern that it needs Support to keep it under “control.” (You may wish to refer to S for Support).

I can Control my time. I can set some time to increase my physical activity and walk each day. However, I can’t control the weather. I shouldn’t give up on my walk, and with Control, I can find an alternate place.

I can Control my behavior and ask for Support when I feel I am “losing control.”

The main Control I have is the control of my portions when it comes to eating. There’s no one forcing me to get a second portion, or thirds, or eat when no one can see me. I can take Control at a buffet and just make one trip. Better yet, I can take Control and avoid them altogether.

If I really put my mind to it, there is really not much I can’t Control. So again, why dwell on the few things that are out of my reach? I can’t control the weather, if people get along, or if people like me. Big deal. I have taken Control of my life, and that’s all that matters.

I can’t Control your efforts for you to take Control of your journey. However, I can Control my Support for you — rearrange your items and grab that diamond.


This is part 4 of the multipart series, “The Periodic Table of TOPS.” In my next blog, we’ll explore the element O.


3 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: C is for Control

  1. I love this series! This week – control – is great and very timely for me! Thank you.

  2. I absolutely love this series! This week’s post really speaks to me today. Thank you! Looking forward to the next element.

  3. A great reminder to pay attention to what we can control & concentrate on that instead of all the things around us over which we have no control. Sometimes we get sucked in but reminders like this one helps us scuttle away from those things and get back to those things that really matter to our journey.

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