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The Periodic Table of TOPS: H is for Health

… And so, let the construction begin.

Building something new is challenging, exciting, and scary at the same time. Elements of the original Periodic Table are arranged by seven rows and eighteen columns. Rows depict periods of similar structures, and columns focus on groups or families of elements. Since this is going to be a table of TOPS elements that I can use as a guide on my quest for a healthier lifestyle and that “continuing journey of accountability,” I will be stretching the bonds of science.

As the table takes shape, you will hopefully witness how I see the world of TOPS, how my life has changed, and what elements I find helpful. You don’t need to agree with my refractions; however, I challenge you to consider how the basic elements of weight loss and healthy living that I will share may fit on your own table.

Scientifically, H is the symbol for Hydrogen, which is classified as a nonmetal and takes the form of gas at room temperature. With an atomic number of 1, it’s logical to start the Periodic Table of TOPS with this symbol.

the element of Health

In TOPS Nation, H will stand for Health, as this is the number one reason for losing weight and why I wanted to lose weight. The act of losing weight, however, does not guarantee health.

I admit to playing the game and putting my big toe into the quick schemes of weight loss. Sure, I lost weight, but I was not any healthier and possibly putting myself at risk for other related issues.

Yes, using H to symbolize Health must be the basis I stand on to mix all other elements guiding me on the journey. Anytime I read an article or see an ad that promises an easier path to my goal, I must ask if this is healthy or will it do more harm than good. There are truly no quick fixes.

Weight loss alone doesn’t promise Health, as other elements of my lifestyle also needed changing. Regaining some of that weight will not automatically send me back into an unhealthy state. This was a tough lesson for me since I have many scars from growing up with obesity without the proper support. I almost gave up because I equated a lean, trim body as the only way I could be happy and healthy.

H is for Health, making it the number one element. All other elements to be refracted upon will support this.

TOPS has helped me shape a new image of myself, both outside and inside. I’m happier and healthier than I was twenty years ago. Accepting who I am is a much healthier way of looking at life.


This is part 1 of the multipart series, “The Periodic Table of TOPS.” In my next blog, we’ll explore the element N.


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