The Periodic Table of TOPS: Sc is for Scale

In nature, Sc symbolizes scandium, and is used in aluminum bats, golf equipment, bicycle frames and fishing rods. Various forms of this element can be used to help speed up germination of seeds. 

Sc is for Scale

For the Periodic Table of TOPS, Sc symbolizes the Scale. I try to connect the natural element with the TOPS element. Referencing items that help with exercise, is not a great tie-in, however, just like when I step on a Scale (Sc), not every time is perfect. 

Sometimes what I think was a good weekly effort, will not necessarily show on the Scale (Sc). But, over time, should not my efforts “balance” out? 

The weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly results are only a part of the journey to a healthier life, and should not affect my Planning (P). 

The Scale (Sc) just gives me a number. Don’t get me wrong, I am much happier with the number now than I was 20 years ago. But I cannot dwell on it. Focusing on my Health (H) parameters – that’s what keeps me going. 

In my opinion, there are people who may be at a “normal” weight who are not healthy, mainly because they are not getting the proper Nutrition (N).  

My Behavior (B) seems to shift on how best to use the Scale (Sc) during my journey. If I start to get good results, my Temptations (T) kick in and I will tell myself it is all right to make a detour. Likewise, if things start going the other way, I can convince myself, “Why bother to get back on the path right now?” The Individuality (I) and complexity of the human body and psyche make me glad I can adjust my use of the Scale (Sc). 

I do my best to follow the Clues (Cl) that are all around me — either information I receive from TOPS or just paying attention to what is happening to me.  

Finding and concentrating on non-Scale (Sc) Victories has been a great help. I may not always have access to a Scale (Sc). However, I do know when a piece of clothing fits better or not, when I go up or down a notch on my belt, or if someone tells that it shows I lost weight, or not. 

Also, there is nothing better than hearing “everything is fine” during my annual physical.  

The debate continues on how many times I should weigh myself — daily, weekly or monthly. However, I have now realized another important use for a Scale (Sc), and it involves using it several times in one day. 

A Food (F) Scale (Sc) can really help with my portion Control (C). 

I am amazed how my portions tend to expand when I do not check them. And to be honest, portions are not the only thing that expands when I fail to measure properly. The Scale (Sc) can provide valuable Support (S) in many ways. 

The blocks are filling in nicely for the Periodic Table of TOPS. Next time, I will continue with the element Mo


2 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Sc is for Scale

  1. Loved the program on SC. but would like it better if you would speak, I would then use some of your programs at our chapter meeting, The church hall that we meet in Has a large screen TV and we have down loaded your app. Your Info makes good programs.
    Thanks for the good information each week.
    Ruthie–, chapter WA 1082 Moses Lake, Washington

  2. I liked your talk so very true and informational and need to use this and put it to good use
    food scale are so important.

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