The Periodic Table of TOPS: F is for Food

The building blocks of the Periodic Table of TOPS continue to be put in place. The order does not matter, as they are all important. Turning to the original table, F symbolizes Fluorine. I find it remarkable that fluorine compounds have many uses, ranging from steelmaking to dental care. 

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, F symbolizes Food, which also has many uses. Some good — and some, well, let’s just say may be debatable. I note that we all need Food (F) to survive, however, we do not need all types of Food (F) for a healthy survival. 

I need Food (F) to get the appropriate Nutrition (N) for my Health (H). My problem is when Temptation (T) leads me to consume non-nutritional items that do not serve any healthy purpose other than to satisfy a craving.  

I have learned over my time in TOPS to take the Opportunity (O) to understand what types of Food (F) trigger my overeating. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily something that tastes extremely good that keeps me wanting more. 

My problem is, when I have something that does not taste as good as I had hoped — I get no satisfaction. I have already consumed the calories, but now I want something else, and have to fight the urge to keep eating. I now will actually throw away something I started to eat if it is not meeting my needs. Yes, you may think this is horrible, however, I do not wish to waste my calories on something I do not enjoy. 

There are many things people are addicted to, alcohol, drugs, and gambling to name a few.  Food (F) addiction is another and it is very difficult to manage. Food (F) is a necessity. 

There are also many eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia. Again, Food (F) is a necessity. I am not qualified to offer any advice on treating addictions or any disorders, nor should any member attempt to do so. Addictions and eating disorders are some of the many reasons members are encouraged to discuss weight management with a healthcare provider. I can only offer Support (S) to help you maintain Control (C). 

In the big buffet of life, there are many things that will and can affect our Behavior (B). Some may question a weight loss organization’s method on dealing with such complex issues. It is because we are all different, with Individual (I) needs. 

Rules are needed as guardrails that are accepted by the latest research to help us stay on a safe, healthy path toward our goals. 

Here is some Food (F) for thought: Are you puzzled by why a weight loss group does not make weigh-ins mandatory, or why there is a 3 pound-over-goal and 7-pound-under-goal (leeway) for a member who reaches his or her medically prescribed weight loss? 

Just refract on this blog. The answers are there. 

Next, it is finally time to compound the problem of weight loss. Yes, two elements will be introduced in one blog. You do not want to miss the next one. It will be worth its weight in salt. 


5 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: F is for Food

  1. The way in which you are creating the relationship of all the Tops Periodic Table elements amazes me. The time you are taking to help others is a gift to us. I look forward to the next blog. Thanks 🙏

  2. I can really identify with Not getting satisfaction from something I’ve eaten and then looking for something else to satisfy that craving. Thank you for putting that feeling in words.

  3. Another great post! Thank you so much for these each week. I look forward to them and they definitely cause me to pause and think. Look forward to the next!

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