The Periodic Table of Tops: Na is for Navigation, CI is for Clues

This blog will introduce two elements at once to the Periodic Table of TOPS, Na symbolizing Navigation and Cl to symbolize Clues. 

When two or more elements come together, they form a mixture called a compound. Most of the time, these combinations are very beneficial. Think about it as each element is Supporting (S) the other. 

N- Navigation C-Clues

In nature, Na symbolizes sodium, which is a soft, silvery-white, highly reactive metal. If you drop it in water, it will catch on fire. Cl is the symbol for chlorine, which is a greenish yellow gas with a suffocating odor. Used properly, it is a great disinfectant. However, when these two elements come together, they form a salt — an important compound essential to life. This compound is called sodium chloride (NaCl). 

Sodium chloride is the compound that balances hydration, important in Nutrition (N), and helping to Control (C) blood pressure. But too much can cause problems like fluid retention.  

There is so much information to Navigate (Na) through when it comes to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. The best way I believe not to get lost is to follow TOPS’ Clues (Cl). 

You might say not having the right information at the right time, may compound the problem. 

This is where the Support (S) of TOPS comes into play. When I was over 320 pounds and my Health (H) was in jeopardy, I did not have a Clue (Cl) how to begin to get healthy. There were so many twists and turns to Navigate (N), it was easy to lose my way and give up. 

TOPS helps me Navigate (N) in understanding labels so I know what types of Food (F) I need. If you follow the Exchange Program like I did, you know of all the wonderful Clues (Cl) that help you take Control (C). 

I found TOPS to be a trusted source of Clues (Cl) to follow, which helped me modify my Behavior (B) and fight those Temptations (T). 

It was Navigating (N) through the many pitfalls with the help of TOPS’ Clues (Cl) that allowed me to do my best Planning (P). This led me to a great Victory (V). I am healthier in my 60s than I was in my 40s. 

By adding the 12th and 13th element to the Periodic Table of TOPS, you can now see how each element supports the others. Forming strong compounds will help us all Navigate (Na) through the ups and downs.  

More compounds will be introduced soon, however, next time, I will discuss the single element, Sc. I will let it weigh on your mind for a while. I hope you picked up on the Clue (Cl). 


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