The Periodic Table of TOPS: Ta is for Target

Sometimes things do not fit exactly how I hope. That phrase can be taken in many ways. Whether it is trying on a new shirt or trying to line up elements in the Periodic Table of TOPS, the process may be challenging.

I have been trying to get that perfect natural element to symbolize a goal, in the quest to a Healthy (H) lifestyle. But, nothing in life is perfect.

The process of adapting is very important to maintaining the course on my LiFe PaTh. So, it seems that Ta which symbolizes Tantalum in nature should work. Tantalum is a very hard, pliable, lustrous, grayish transition metal that highly resists corrosion.

Ta is for Target. If you do not know where you are going, you may end up someplace that is truly not right for you.

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, Ta symbolizes Target. This is a spot to aim at in accomplishing goals. If you do not know where you are going, you may end up someplace that is truly not right for you.

I never had a Target (Ta) when it came to my Health (H). I took time for Planning (P) my career as a microbiologist. I knew I wanted to get married and raise a family. I also did financial Planning (P) to hopefully sustain my journey. All these provided a Target (Ta) or goal to achieve.

Until my wife steered me to TOPS, my Health (H) was not on any radar screen. It was during my first few meetings that I came to the sudden realization that all my other Planning (P) would not mean a darn thing if I did not set a Target (Ta) to be Healthy (H) enough to enjoy my LiFe PaTh, or worse not live long enough to see my grandchildren.

The Support (S) provided by TOPS has helped me set my sights on a reasonable Target (Ta). This is another item I sometimes fail to focus on. All Targets (Ta) need to be reasonable. Hitting smaller, Sensible (Sb) Targets (Ta) is a great way to keep up my Momentum (Mo).

Sure, some Targets (Ta) may be difficult and hard to achieve. However, just like the element Tantalum which is also hard, we need to be as pliable as this element. I learned that I need to be more flexible and realistic in pursuing my goals. 

Working through the process of Support (S) and Accountability (Ac), has allowed me to GaIn great knowledge on a Target (Ta) that almost slipped by. TOPS has helped me hit a great bullseye.


3 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Ta is for Target

  1. Is there anywhere on the TOPS website that I can find the entire Periodic Table of TOPS?

    I find it so interesting!

  2. Thank you Rick
    I have take time out from TOPS for a while but your message may be enough to send me back to my group
    Take care and be well
    Ruth Singer Richmond BC

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