The Periodic Table of TOPS: U is for You, Ac is for Accountable

The next element introduced into the Periodic Table of TOPS is U which marks the official halfway point of this project. In nature, U symbolizes Uranium which is used to generate power. In TOPS, U symbolizes You, and it really is fitting since You (U) have all the power.

We have all heard it before…only You (U) can do it, nobody else can. I can refract on giving the best advice possible, but if You (U) are not ready to really hear it or really do it, nothing will happen. This also goes for me and is not exclusively dedicated to weight loss.

As an Individual (I), Control (C) is in my hands, to seek another element or piece of the puzzle to keep me focused on my Li Fe PaTh.

Ac in nature symbolizes Actinium, which ironically is found in Uranium. So, by design, what must be found in You (U) is something that can be added to the Table to help with our Behavior (B). That missing element, is Ac which stands for Accountable.

U is for You. Ac is for Accountable.

There are probably more than fifty-two answers to the question of what can You (Y) use to keep Accountable (Ac).

With so many options, keeping Accountable (Ac) should be easy, but it is not. Remember, the disease of obesity is very complex.

The most common tool is the Scale (Sc). I hear many different uses of the Scale (Sc). Some must check their Weight (W) weekly and some every day. Others may be comfortable enough to check their Weight (W) monthly or a few times a year. Again, Individuality(I) is a key component.

My refractions lead me to believe other tools should be added to help keep us Accountable (Ac). A major one is to keep attending weekly meetings, either in person or virtually, regardless if you choose to weigh in or not. You cannot get the necessary Support (S) if you are not connected.

I will close with a few items that I use to keep me Accountable (Ac). I use the holes in my belt, how my clothes fit, honest discussions with my wife, and how many flights of stairs I can climb without needing to stop. Because of my travel schedule, these items are more readily available to me than the Scale (Sc) and may be more in tune with my Individuality (I).

What items do You (U) use to stay Accountable (Ac)? Never leave home without one.


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  1. Once again you have given us great things to ponder so thanks again. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy happy slimming New Year!

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