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The Periodic Table of TOPS: Te Am is for Team

As more elements are added and I get closer to the 52nd block, it became apparent how the lineup was best served by combining elements to convey a certain message. Two natural elements complement this plan very well. Te symbolizes Tellurium which is used in thermoelectric production. Am symbolizing Americium is used in smoke detectors.

Combining these two elements to symbolize TeAm in the Periodic Table of TOPS portrays the powerful concept of Support (S).

One of my go-to statements when I have the opportunity to speak about TOPS is, “Weight loss is challenging and you should never attempt it alone.”

Great Accomplishments happen when a great team is put together. Te Am is for Team

Great accomplishments happen when a great TeAm is put together. TOPS overall philosophy is a TeAm approach to help its members lose Weight (W) and improve their Health (H).

TOPS chapters are another great example of a TeAm environment. When I refract on my chapter experiences, it is encouraging to see everyone pull together. It does not matter if a chapter has the minimum of four members or forty members, each member plays a crucial role in the total success of the TeAm.

I am not immune to the struggles of Weight (W) loss. It is challenging to maintain Momentum (Mo) and to avoid the Temptations (T) that can spin me out of Control (C). Attending a TeAm meeting can be the perfect thing to get me back onto the road of Victory (V).

I suggest you refract on a great TeAm accomplishment either in sports or in the work environment. The key to that success, is each member did their part. In a TOPS TeAm environment, sharing successes and yes, failures, will move the entire group forward to common goals.

You may not know where a fellow TeAmmate is on their LiFe PaTh. While you may not be aware of its effectiveness, every question or comment shared respectively in a safe TeAm environment can have a dramatic impact on the Support (S) provided by the TeAm.

Nothing in LiFe is perfect. You have Control (C) over your own actions and can help guide your TOPS TeAm. It may be your TeAm, but remember each member has an equal part. As the saying goes, there is no I (Individual) in the word TeAm.

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