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Wellness Wednesday

A 10-Day Movement Plan

getting winter exercise by walking your dog


If you’ve ever searched for a workout online or scanned the cover of a health magazine, you’ve probably noticed descriptions like “fat-blasting” or “calorie-torching.” The focus has long been more about how exercise can make you look and less about how it makes you feel. But I’ve noticed an encouraging shift toward movement that makes you feel good, feel energized, and maybe even have fun. And that’s what I’m choosing to focus on lately.

Winter blahs, combined with nagging back pain and constant Peloton commercials, have contributed to my fitness motivation being at an all-time low. But, as I’ve shared many times on this blog, any type of movement is better than nothing. And that’s why I’m sharing my personal 10-day movement plan this week. It won’t blast fat or give me a flat stomach, but it will make me feel better, shake the winter blues, and get me out of the house.

Day 1 – Take the dogs for a one-mile walk.

Day 2 – Do a virtual yoga flow.

Day 3 – Complete a 10-minute at-home workout.

Day 4 – Bring the dogs to a nearby park and toss a ball.

Day 5 – Dust off the cross-country skis and find a nearby trail.

Day 6 – Complete another virtual yoga practice, this time with a restorative flow.

Day 7 – Get at least 8,000 steps.

Day 8 – Attempt a guided meditation with deep breathing.

Day 9 – Complete a 10-minute body weight-only workout.

Day 10 – Go sledding with a friend and her kids (socially-distant, of course).

If this inspires you in some small way to make your own similar plan, please feel free to share. And remember, the light and fun workout that you did do is better than the “calorie-torching” one that you didn’t.

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