4 Tips for Making the Most of Your At-Home Workout

dog interrupting yoga

This week’s post is meant to provide a small bit of peace, levity and helpful info for you during an uncertain time.

Last weekend’s four step workout at home yoga flow looked something like this…

Step 1: Roll out yoga mat.

Step 2: Take photos of your dog on yoga mat. Laugh at dog’s cute underbite.

Step 3: Text photos of dog on yoga mat to gym friends’ group chat.

Step 4: Do no actual yoga and think about having a snack.

To be fair, I did eventually do actual yoga. As we learn to adjust to our current reality of social distancing, at-home workouts are a must and a welcome “brain break” from the news. If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for something new, try one of these suggestions:

position 1 of hip thrusts

position 2 of hip thrustsStrengthen your backside using your couch. No, really! In between catching up on your favorite shows, try hip thrusts (pictured left) for an excellent hip- and glute-strengthening exercise. To try this movement, place your feet flat on the floor in front of you and hip-width apart. Push your hips up toward the ceiling by driving your feet into the ground until your body forms a straight line. Keep your head in a neutral position (don’t bend your head forward or backward) and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. I’m using a looped resistance band in the photos, but the move is still challenging without a band. Members can check out four more moves in this couch workout for a full-body calorie burner.

Text workout goals to friends. Social support is more important than ever right now, and sharing weekly activity goals is a simple way to stay in touch and stay accountable. You may even want to schedule a post-workout virtual coffee or smoothie date with friends via video chat.

Try an online Tabata timer. Tabata training is a challenging workout that includes eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. The “work” portion can be any exercise of your choice like bicep curls, lunges or jogging in place. You can find free Tabata timers on YouTube or even as a free app.

Sweat through a Workout of the Week (WOW). Partner up with a pal (virtually, of course) and text each other a workout at home that you can both try on your own. The workouts available in the Members Area of are a great place to start. You could also search for a free class online. Text each other as soon as you’re finished and pick a date to tackle your next WOW.

Being at home doesn’t have to mean you’re on your own. Whether you’re catching up with a fellow TOPS member on FaceTime or sharing dog photos in a group chat, focus on staying connected. And check out our other ideas for finding accountability and consistency with your healthy journey.

6 thoughts on “4 Tips for Making the Most of Your At-Home Workout

    1. I’m a 64 , a little arthritis issues in the knees. I don’t see me doing some of these exercises. Can you recommend something else?

  1. Our TOPS members have been going to a park nearby and walking keeping 6feet apart from each other. We are not on a stay at home order. They call it “safer at home”. We feel we are doing enough to keep ourselves safe while walking. There are lots of people and dogs walking. We all need this time outside in order to function and increase our endorphins. I also have the seasonal affective disorder. I need this outside time in the sun.

    1. I am going to do that with our dog and my daughter. The park is near us and not many people use it. Good to hear about it.

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