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Wellness Wednesday

The Best Form of Exercise for You

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Working for a health and wellness organization, my team and I are often asked, “What’s the best form of exercise?” Well, swimming is an awesome way to burn calories and is easy on your joints…but what if you hate water? Running is a popular form of cardio and requires little more than a good pair of shoes…but what if you recently had a knee replacement? There’s always free weights which are an awesome way to build strength and burn fat…but what if weights just aren’t your thing? There are as many forms of exercise as there are excuses not to. But the long list of benefits for each of these means nothing to you if you don’t like it because you won’t do it. That’s why the best form of exercise is the one you’ll actually do.

I can’t take credit for the above statement, but it’s one of my favorites. Keep in mind I wrote this with my right foot propped up post-minor surgery. I can’t do my usual exercise routine and am even finding walking to be a challenge. But, I’m trying my very best to focus on what I can do rather than complaining about what I can’t do. I can do upper-body exercises, I can take short walks with my dog, and I can do some light stretching. And, more importantly, these are things I want to do. Well, until I’m able to return to my normal workout routine, that is.

The best form of exercise can change with age, tastes, or whatever unexpected curveballs life throws your way. The one thing that should never change is the drive to keep doing what you love in order to achieve a happier, healthier you.

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