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“Any Age” Fitness

Being fit and fabulous at any age requires being attentive to changes in spatial awareness and basic body mechanics. The importance of foot placement, hip mobility and range of motion also become increasingly vital as you age. So training yourself to notice whether you frequently shuffle rather than step, in addition to how your body subtly shifts while transitioning from…

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dinner of vegan Mexican food
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Make Mealtimes a Mindful Moment

Staying present is much easier for me to do when I’m physically active. The exact opposite is true in regard to when I’m eating. I often power through meal and snack times standing up—especially when I’m working from home and attempting to squeeze in a couple of bites between Zoom meetings, walking the dog and frantically typing on the computer…

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6 Food Swaps Any Home Chef Can Master

Modifying meals to meet multiple dietary needs in one household can feel like a perpetual struggle. Even for those living solo, having to come up with substitutions for familiar recipes to better suit current nutritional goals may take more time than can be spared on a daily basis. The five swaps below are simple to execute; plus, they’ll help you…

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a kitchen waiting to be decorated
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How to Elevate At-Home Dining

Eating out frequently is often not an option when working on achieving health goals—and sticking to a budget. But it’s equally common to start to crave the ambiance of a café or restaurant, since dining at home day after day can become a solitary repetition that makes mealtimes far less enjoyable. If you’re bored by the idea of consuming yet…

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onions and potato on table
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Healthy Home Cook Hacks

The March/April 2022 issue of TOPS News, “Plant-based Power: One-Pot Recipes” includes four vegan recipes I created. These dishes are a few of my ‘go-to’ entrees when I want a warm homecooked lunch but don’t necessarily want to be stuck in the kitchen for over an hour making one. Occasionally, the most effective way to reinforce positive eating habits is…

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Nourish Yourself … Without Taking a Bite

Nourishment is natural. But it also comes in myriad forms. Too often, food is the ‘default’ reward we crave — or a quick source of comfort on a stressful day. Choices that, left unchecked, can trigger unhealthy behaviors and negative feelings if we over-indulge. The next time you’re craving a little TLC, try one of these nourishing activities instead of…

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