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The Periodic Table of TOPS: Kr is for Kryptonite

In nature, a noble gas called Krypton has the symbol Kr. Krypton is named after the Greek word kryptos meaning “cryptic.” There are times in my refracted life when what I need is right in front of me. It was not hidden, it’s just I refused at some level to acknowledge the obvious.

On a Li Fe PaTh journey, there should be nothing mysterious or obscure. It took me some time to discover what triggered my Temptations (T) that caused me to veer off the path. In other words, what is my Kryptonite (Kr)?

Kr is for Kryptonite

Using Kr to symbolize Kryptonite for the Periodic Table of TOPS seems very appropriate. In comic book lore, Kryptonite (Kr) was the only thing that could hurt Superman or Superwoman.

There are many things that can be labeled as Kryptonite (Kr) to a TOPS member, some are Food (F) related, and others are not. I agree with our founder, Esther Manz, who once suggested there should be no “forbidden foods”. Avoiding certain Foods (F) may cause a binge when I succumb. It’s better to get Support (S) and learn Behavior (B) modification to Control (C) the Temptations (T).

Some Foods (F) do require a little more management to get the right Nutrition (N) and not set me off course from my Li Fe Pa Th. Over time I discovered my Kryptonite (Kr) is pizza and whoopie pies.

I am committed to using the elements from the Periodic Table of TOPS to help my Planning (P) in modifying my Behavior (B). I have learned to Control (C) my portions when dealing with my Kryptonite (Kr). Now, two slices of pizza with a large salad and a quarter piece of a whoopie pie, freezing the rest for another time are enough. When I feel I am getting myself in trouble, I will go back and read again about the elements in the Periodic Table of TOPS.

It’s the compounding knowledge I Gain (Ga In) by staying connected in TOPS that keeps me trying again when I fail. Before TOPS, the two slices were the whole pizza and then some. One whoopie pie was never enough…totally out of Control (C) with no real satisfaction. It was just the opposite as my Weight (W) kept tipping the Scale (Sc) in the wrong direction.

I continue to find new Kryptonite (Kr) that needs to be managed. I hope you find yours. Together, we can Control (C) these Temptations (T) to achieve Victory (V)…wouldn’t that be SUPER.

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