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Not So Sure About Jogging? Try Plogging

Volunteers picking up trash

(Updated April 11, 2019)
During our workplace TOPS meeting last week, one member mentioned having a hard time exercising (like getting on a treadmill, for example) just for the sake of exercising. He likes the idea of getting moving for a purpose and is a fan of activities like geocaching, where different navigational techniques are used to hide and seek containers at specific marked locations. This got us talking about the idea of movement with meaning. Enter “plogging.” Originally from Sweden, plogging is a fitness trend that combines jogging and “plocka upp,” the Swedish term for pickup. The idea is to pick up litter while you’re out for a jog or walk. “Ploggers” typically arm themselves with a trash bag, plastic or gardening gloves to protect their hands and a trash picker/grabber if they have trouble squatting to pick up litter.

The trend seems to be catching on quickly. A quick Instagram search shows that there are already more than 56,000 #plogging hashtags. If you’re getting bored with your exercise routine, and like the idea of making a difference in your community, consider giving plogging a try. You can do this on your own or team up with a group of friends.

TOPS members, I want to hear from you! Do you and your chapter participate in outdoor activities like this to help you get moving? Tell me about it in the comments section below and/or send an email with photos to share@tops.org.

11 thoughts on “Not So Sure About Jogging? Try Plogging

  1. I had not heard of “plogging,” but I love this idea! It combines exercise with good citizenship. Another suggestion for being active outdoors would be to get a group together to clean up a local park or playground at a fast pace.

  2. I am an AC in MO and I have 3 or 4 chapter that have been doing this for years. And they even have a sign up saying that their TOPS group picks up that area. To advertise TOPS.

  3. Just a silly comment: Since many of us cannot even consider jogging, would picking up while walking be called “ploking”??

  4. Wouldn’t it be great to pick a Saturday when all Tops members with their T-shirts plogged on the same day a cross the USA

  5. I did the picking up garbage with grandchildren when they were young. What I did and do now has a name.

  6. Is there a way for members to blog like Maggie is blogging. Below are comments that I would love to share with members.

    Hello to the core group of TOPS (those willing to hang in there),
    At last night’s meeting, we talked about having so many new members to join, but not remaining with the program any length of time. My reaction was that often there are those who wish for immediate results. So when they don’t lose immediately, they quit. I’ve been with this particular chapter almost three years and still I am not where I should be. The Reason: I have not done what I am supposed to do. TOPS has a wonderful message and I know if I follow it, I will get to my goal. I was in at least two other chapters and quit. Each time I quit, I gained. Even if I’m not losing as fast as I want to, I want to commend this organization for helping to keep me accountable, for making me aware of what I should be eating, for making me aware of counting calories and examining food labels, for providing a support group and for being the group that I can say “thank you” to when I do reach goal.

    I especially want Eleanor, our newest member present last night, to hear that. Eleanor, you asked where were all the new members that we mentioned. Well, as I see it, many might not have been committed to the saying, “If it’s to be; it’s up to me.” So if we are to lose weight, it’s up to us as individuals. Only we can control what goes into our mouths and how much we exercise. Eleanor, you seem to be a committed person. That said, I hope we are all as inspired as Eleanor was about fall rally and will go forward committed to staying with TOPS until we’ve lost our excess pounds, thus becoming KOPS. Then, let’s pledge to stay with TOPS as KOPS like some of the members at the rally – some up to 28 years.

    We can do this! See you lighter.

    Eat less, move more, feel great!

    1. Hi Linda! You’re always welcome to share comments here, or with fellow TOPS members as part of an unofficial TOPS group on Facebook. Just type “TOPS” in the search bar on Facebook and you’ll find the unofficial group where you can share ideas, concerns, etc. You will have to request to be added. Hope this helps!

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