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Wellness Wednesday

Not So Sure About Jogging? Try Plogging

Volunteers picking up trash


(Updated April 11, 2019)
During our workplace TOPS meeting last week, one member mentioned having a hard time exercising (like getting on a treadmill, for example) just for the sake of exercising. He likes the idea of getting moving for a purpose and is a fan of activities like geocaching, where different navigational techniques are used to hide and seek containers at specific marked locations. This got us talking about the idea of movement with meaning. Enter “plogging.” Originally from Sweden, plogging is a fitness trend that combines jogging and “plocka upp,” the Swedish term for pickup. The idea is to pick up litter while you’re out for a jog or walk. “Ploggers” typically arm themselves with a trash bag, plastic or gardening gloves to protect their hands and a trash picker/grabber if they have trouble squatting to pick up litter.

The trend seems to be catching on quickly. A quick Instagram search shows that there are already more than 56,000 #plogging hashtags. If you’re getting bored with your exercise routine, and like the idea of making a difference in your community, consider giving plogging a try. You can do this on your own or team up with a group of friends.

TOPS members, I want to hear from you! Do you and your chapter participate in outdoor activities like this to help you get moving? Tell me about it in the comments section below and/or send an email with photos to

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