Manifesting Wellness Goals 

Manifesting Wellness Goals for 2023

A new year is frequently acquainted with fresh starts in myriad aspects of our lives. Currently, I am attempting to revamp the management of my personal and professional expenses in hopes of succeeding at the financial goals I’ve set for 2023. I also want to do an ultra-race within the next two years—which means gradually incorporating longer runs into my fitness plan if the intention is to get through a 30+ mile run without collapsing at the end. Both of these objectives are going to take a fair amount of time and effort but that’s usually how it goes in terms of making lifestyle shifts that we desire to sustain longer than a few weeks. This resource round-up might also help you manifest the following wellness priorities in the months ahead. 


Many of us are chronically overtired due to inadequate rest. I have decided to start setting an alarm on weeknights to prompt me to begin the bedtime routine sooner, especially when I need to be up early the next morning to drop my kiddo off at school. If you’re also struggling to cultivate better sleep habits, you may want to try using one of these free apps:  

Dry January: 

I first became ‘sober curious‘ back in the Spring of 2020. My desire to drink drastically decreased once we needed to stay ‘safer at home’ and all in-person gatherings ceased. Now that many social events have resumed, I am choosing to primarily stick with nonalcoholic bevys on most occasions. Luckily, zero-proof and low-alcohol drinks are growing in popularity now that a plethora of bars, restaurants and brands have added nonalcoholic wine, cocktails and spirits to their menus. Plus, it has been a trend in the past few years for folks to see how long they can abstain from imbibing during the month of January. Thinking about giving it a go? Nomo, I am or Sober Time are digital tools that can provide daily encouragement and accountability. 

What’s at the top of your “health bucket list” for this year? Help us cheer you on by sharing in a comment below. 

Be aware of the wellbeing already present within you this Wednesday. 


17 thoughts on “Manifesting Wellness Goals 

  1. Wear same outfit to weigh at chapter weekly. Probably will lower my KOPS goal several pounds at next doctor visit in the spring to have a little more space available at the bottom of leeway. I’m a 20 year KOPS. Never have been out of status at the top ever! My goal continues to continue to remain in the lower part of leeway & walk outdoors often!

  2. My goal is to be tested for sleep apnea this year and maybe losing enough weight to stop the cholesterol meds

    1. These both sound like two positive priorities to have over the months ahead, Dorothy. Let us &/or your group members) know if there is any additional support we can provide for you too.

  3. I love that you have these solid fitness and financial goals, Rachel. I’m a nondrinker, so Dry January is easy for me. =) Losing my last 5 stubborn fat pounds is at the top of my health bucket list this year!

  4. My goal is to spread my wings after this horrific pandemic from social distancing. It left me feeling lonely from not having those social times with friends. It absolutely effected my weight loss goal in positive pathway forward. Nows the opportunity to refocus and bring that sunshine back into my life again. Working on sharing great opportunities with others about what TOPS has provided me.

  5. My health goal is to lose the 50 pounds I gained over the last two years. I am eating three meals a day and I am abstaining from sugar and flour. My goal is to be down to my KOPS weight by 31 October 2023, my 70th birthday.

    1. You can do it! I was 75 when I lost over 60 pounds to reach my goal weight in the Spring of 2022 and have maintained it since. Abstaining from flour and sugar was one of the choices I made also. Keep making good choices!

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