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Making a Healthy Change? Don’t Do These 3 Things


The holidays have come and gone, and a new year is here. It’s also that time when dieting advice is everywhere you turn … even if you didn’t ask for it. While I typically like to focus on what to do when it comes to healthy goals, this time around I thought I’d try something different. Let’s take a few moments to think about what not to do this year.

Don’t pile on the guilt. Okay, so you had Christmas cookies for breakfast … three times. Or maybe you had that “I’m-so-full-it-hurts” feeling more than once (been there). It happened, it’s in the past and it’s time to move on. Instead of dwelling on holiday indulgences, think about what new activities or healthy recipes you’d like to try. Every day is a fresh start!

Don’t focus too closely on the number on the scale. Yes, TOPS is a weight-loss organization and, yes, weigh-ins are a part of each meeting. But the weigh-in portion of meetings is meant to help keep you accountable; it should never define your happiness for the week. Don’t forget to celebrate non weight-related victories*, no matter how small they may seem.

Don’t think that, if it worked for your friend, it will definitely work for you. Maybe one of your friends is going to try a new diet that she’s really excited about. And chances are, you will hear about it the next time you see her. While it’s great to share tips and successes with one another, we have to remember that just because something worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for us … and that’s okay. We’re all different, and we have to find the plan that’s the best (and safest!) for our unique needs.

And now for the “dos.” Do approach the new year as an opportunity to build your best self, do make sure you enjoy whichever meal plan you choose and do remember that you’re in charge. So bring it on, 2019. Let’s do this!

*Members, celebrate your own non-scale victories with printable badges for activities like keeping a food journal, showing up for meetings and more! Find them in the My Day One area of


17 thoughts on “Making a Healthy Change? Don’t Do These 3 Things

  1. I so believe in eating “ colourful “ veggies and fruit.
    Mostly veggies, they have less sugar
    Fresh, steamed, boiled.
    Happy New Year , Maggie

    1. We are happy you are interested! The best way to find a meeting in your area is to go to our ‘Find a Meeting’ page (link below). You will be asked to enter your Zip code and, from there, all of the locations near you will pop up. You will see the addresses, a map, and your local coordinator’s contact information in case you have further questions. If there does not happen to be a meeting available, please feel free to send an email to to learn about other options. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the advice and motivation, Maggie! Feeling guilty and comparing myself to others are two things I’ve definitely succumbed to, so I need to STOP. I stayed at my goal weight all throughout 2018, and I intend to continue my maintenance all throughout 2019, regardless of challenges. It takes daily effort!

    1. It certainly does, Robin! I always enjoy reading your comments and wish you a very Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Maggie! I’m just getting started with your blog. I heard two of them read at our last chapter meeting and I look forward to reading more on my own. Thanks!

  4. I am a WW drop out. Gained all my weight back and need to get a grip on my eating habits. Am I so weird that I don’t like most vegetables? I can do a salad and a few other veggies and that is it for me. I like fruit, fish, some meats, pork, and chicken. My husband is losing weight on his own and successfully. What is wrong with me?

    1. Hi Carole! It’s not weird to dislike any foods – even veggies – because we all have different tastes. But maybe you could try different veggies, or even try preparing them a different way. For example, cauliflower “rice” is popular at the moment and is just finely diced cauliflower that resembles rice. You could try sauteeing cauliflower “rice” in a little olive oil and then adding it to a stir fry with actual rice. Some people find that subtly “sneaking” veggies in like this helps them eat more veggies without sacrificing taste. You’re also welcome to check out these past Wellness Wednesday blogs, which may give you some ideas:

      I hope this is helpful, and thank you for reading!

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