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4 Foods You Might Find at a Fall Farmers Market (And What to Do With Them)

fruit and veggies in season at the farmers market

One thing I’m very grateful for in my new city is only living a few short miles from one of the best farmers markets in the country. The Dane County Farmers Market is a Madison staple and the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Plus, local in-season produce tends to be fresher, more nutritious and cheaper than food shipped across the country. If your fall plans include a trip to a farmers market, here are four foods you’ll likely find and tips for how to enjoy them.

Apples – No big surprise here. It’s officially apple season and the perfect time to stock up on this fall fruit. Try an apple a day in a new way with this recipe for Baked Apple “Chips.” And members can find more mouth-watering apple recipes in the September/October issue of TOPS News.

Jicama – This root veggie may not be quite as popular as an apple, but it packs a similar nutritious punch. Invite sliced jicama to your next “Taco Tuesday” plate, or try this recipe for Jicama “Hash Brown” Casserole.

Cauliflower – Cauliflower seems to be popping up in just about everything these days but, sometimes, you can’t beat the real thing. Try it roasted, “riced” or in this recipe for Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry.

Pears – Pears are just as versatile as apples and can be topped on salads, used in a festive fall charcuterie board or even poached. They also make a number of appearances in the TOPS 28-Day Meal Plan.

Which fall fruits and veggies will you be adding to your next grocery list?

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  1. I am able to get riced cauliflower at Trader Joe’s. So simple to fix. Can add diced veggies but like it with juice from canned mandarin oranges and some of the oranges heated in frypan on top of stove. Can use olive oil but I prefer juice of different kinds!

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