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Wellness Wednesday Favorites – Part 1

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Well friends, after nearly a decade of writing Wellness Wednesday, it’s time for me to say goodbye. What started as a simple “we should start a blog” conversation in 2013 has evolved into countless posts and one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful for all of my readers who kept me writing and sharing, even when the worst case of writer’s block set in. As one last stroll down memory lane, here are five of my favorite blogs from over the years.

Mark your calendar to meet me back here on December 29 when I’ll share five more favorites.

Whether you’re a faithful reader or just dropping by, thank you for making Wellness Wednesday part of your day. And cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!

23 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday Favorites – Part 1

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work that you have done over the years. I was surprised that I still got your letters even after I had to dropped out of being a TOPS member. I thank you for keeping me on your list to send me your letters. I will miss them, but I understand when it’s time to move on. I wish you nothing but the best on your next journey that you take in 2022.

  2. ALl of us are so much better for your concern for and contribution to our wellness! Thank you deeply for your caring and helpful advice!We wish you every success and will miss you dearly.

  3. I am going to miss your blags, but more than that, we will miss the character and flavour you’ve added to TOPS. Take care, and wherever your path may lead you, continued good fortune on your journey. Until our paths meet again….now, off to read your favourite blogs!

  4. My wish for you is to continue to be happy and positive in all you do. This is what I believe you’d wish for me. Oh and (when you have time)write a book with all your blogs, one we can carry around with us and open when life moves in. Thank-you my beautiful friend.

  5. Ohio wishes you all the very best as you move towards your new future. Thank you for all the words of wisdom you’ve shared. You will never know the full impact that you’ve made on lives. I can assure you that you have. Thank you.

  6. Maggie, for someone who thought they “knew it all” about weight loss, nutrition, and behavior change, you have taught me things I never knew. I not only give you my deep gratitude, but also my heartfelt congratulations on your new venture. I am sure I speak for the members of Michigan when I say, you are appreciated on so many levels. We will all miss your insights and care.

  7. I’m sad that you are leaving, but change is always coming. But some things are changing to fast. Thank you for all your blog’s. I love reading them.

  8. May you be blessed with much happiness, joy, peace and health forward on your positive path. I will miss you so much. You have inspired and promoted such an uplifting blog that has helped me along my path forward. Thank you so very much. Love Tamson from Ky.

  9. Best wishes for you and yours as you start your new adventure. I have enjoyed working with you. You will be missed by many. Take care and stay active and safe. Thanks you for all your contributions to TOPS. Blessing and love, Gina

  10. Maggie, you will be missed. I’ve shared many of your blog ideas in chapter. You have been a true inspiration. Much success on your new journey.
    TOPS love!

  11. I’ve read all the comments above and I’m sad to see another change coming. I just began reading your blogs. Please continue to send your memories and I will save them so I can go back and reread.

  12. Thank you for the information you have shared with us. I have enjoyed reading them. Best of luck to you. Thanks again God bless! With Love & hugs Janet Long from NC97Tops Albemarle,NC

  13. You are loved, valued and appreciated by all of us.Thanks for sharing your insight, positive perspective and gentle counsel throughout the years.and for touching our lives with your generous spirit.

  14. I am going to miss you Maggie! I really enjoyed working with you over the years. Wishing you all the best in the next chapter of your career. Thank you for always being so kind and easy to work with. You will be missed!! Wishing you the best Maggie!!

  15. Sweet Miss Maggie. I remember so well the wonderful SPARK you brought to headquarters when you first started. What amazing growth you’ve shown in every way. I’ve always thought so highly of you and know that you will be missed by many. TOPS Love and Hugs, Karen

  16. We will miss you, Maggie. Thank you so much for all of your words of wisdom and encouragement. I always looked forward to your blog and often shared it with members of my chapter. Wishing you the very best of health and happiness. God bless.

  17. I will miss your blogs Maggie, as many other have said. They have been informative, logical and very helpful to me personally and to my chapter as I pass them on.
    Wishing you well in all future endeavors. You will be missed.

  18. Thank you so much for all the information you have shared. I have enjoyed reading and sharing your blogs.
    Best wishes on the next chapter of your career!

  19. Saddened to hear of the news and you will definitely be missed! The “Wellness Wednesday” (column) will not be the same without YOU!!! Appreciate all the great ideas and helpful tips that you shared; especially, motivation regarding exercise.

    May your next adventure be just as successful and hope that you are surrounded by people who care as much as The TOPS Organization (Family) have regarding you, Maggie. Thank you for consistently portraying values that are to be admired.

    All the best/Blessings, C.K.

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