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20 Ideas for Using Tomatoes


Every summer, I plant tomatoes and the sequence typically goes something like this:

Early June: Plant two to three tomato plants.

June – July: Worry tomatoes aren’t getting enough water and/or that they’ll get ruined in a storm (I currently have them in freestanding planters).

Late July: Get excited about the very first tomato!

Late August: Get sick of tomatoes and feel completely over them.

After consistently hefty water bills from a dry summer, and the blossom rot two out of three of the plants suffered while I was away on vacation, I’m probably better off just spending a few dollars on tomatoes at the store. Gardening just doesn’t seem to be my thing. If planting tomatoes is your thing, or if you just have a ton of them at the moment, here are twenty ideas for using one of summer’s favorite red fruits.

  1. Toss with feta cheese, watermelon and diced cucumber for a side.
  2. Use one in place of a hamburger bun as a low-carb alternative.
  3. Enjoy them with a pinch of kosher salt. Simple and delicious.
  4. Top with parmesan cheese and roast.
  5. Add to a frozen pizza.
  6. Slow roast in the oven or food dehydrator.
  7. Add to a pasta dish.
  8. Pair them with your favorite herbs.
  9. Enjoy with rotisserie chicken, greens and your favorite salad dressing.
  10. Whip up pico de gallo.
  11. Add to grilled kabobs.
  12. Snack on them with cottage cheese.
  13. Toss with grilled shrimp, corn and cotija cheese.
  14. Top your burger along with red onions and avocado.
  15. Add to a breakfast sandwich.
  16. Stuff inside a grilled cheese or panini.
  17. Save for your favorite fall chili.
  18. Make a classic BLT sandwich using bread or a lettuce wrap.
  19. Serve with lemon-roasted chicken with wilted greens.
  20. Save for canning with a friend.

Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite way to use tomatoes in the comments!

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