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Gardening and Weight Loss – Planting Seeds for Success



Spring is here and gardening season is in full bloom. It might seem like gardening and sticking to a weight-loss plan have very little to do with one another, but there are actually a number of parallels. Last spring, I was convinced that I was going to master my first garden and enjoy fresh vegetables all summer long. How hard can gardening be, I thought. Unfortunately, my ambitious green thumb turned into a sad little garden filled with weeds, pests, and a few inedible, mushy vegetables. Fortunately, I did learn a few things.

You have to start small. Just like with a new exercise or weight-loss plan, it can be tempting to want to dive head-first into something and expect to master it right away—but it doesn’t generally work that way. I had hoped to grow farmer’s market-worthy bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, and greens. But, with no vegetable gardening experience and no researching ahead of time, I probably would have been better off starting with a few small pots of herbs instead.

Regular maintenance is a must. Turns out, you can’t just toss seeds in soil and expect to grow beautiful and delicious veggies. You have to make sure you have good soil and the right amount of sunlight and water. Not to mention keeping up with pruning, staking tomatoes, and finding ways to keep critters from turning your garden into their own personal salad bar. Similarly, it’s the healthy choices you make every day that sow seeds for weight-loss success.

It has to fit with your lifestyle. Before you make a new decision, whether it’s to grow your own garden or try a new meal plan, it has to fit with the flow of your lifestyle. As it turned out, between work, traveling most weekends, and other hobbies and obligations, I just didn’t have the time to devote to a new project like a garden. Likewise, make sure your plan for health fits with who you are and what you’re willing to make time for.

So, maybe my gardening adventure wasn’t such a flop after all. I learned a few lessons and it inspired me to take a new approach. This summer, TOPS Headquarters is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) drop-off site. This means we’ll have fresh vegetables delivered weekly by a local farmer for employees who are interested. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

How will you plant your own seeds for weight-loss success this summer?

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