Reading or Listening to Anything Good These Days?

Mental Health Always Matters

Editor’s note: I was chatting recently with TOPS Nutrition and Fitness Editor Rachel Werner, all about how she naturally gravitates toward wellness podcasts, books and other forms of media. I loved that! We spoke about Rachel discussing some of these items in her blog (or in email form — or somewhere else on tops.org). So you’ll likely be seeing this type of content moving forward.

Just keep in mind, our mentioning of a book or podcast isn’t necessarily a recommendation or an endorsement; it’s just a heads up of what’s out there, what’s trending, and what you might be interested in checking out for yourself. If something seems like it won’t be of interest, feel free to keep scrolling! And as always, check with your personal physician before implementing any new big changes into your routine. Happy reading! Here’s Rachel. — Michelle Ganley, Director of Communications

I’ve recently started listening to an assortment of wellness-related podcasts.

For a holistic point of view that includes everything from nutritional advice to women’s health to cultivating financial well-being as a person of color, “Food Heaven” is quite informative. 

Plus, I adore the Maintenance Phase. Each episode is two researchers unpacking the little-to-no scientific evidence behind numerous dietary trends. And their brutal honesty is delivered via humorous jabs at the misguided public figures primarily responsible for perpetuating these myths.

Next, I’ve enjoyed “The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage.”

The idea here is, moving our bodies is not simply about fitness.

Any form of active recreation has the capacity to have a transformative impact on us in terms of emotional health, community building and quality of life.

Psychologist and author Kelly McGonigal explores this — and more — using statistics and personal stories from North America and Britain. If you need a mental re-set to help you want to start exercising regularly again, read this book (or listen to the audio version)!

Be well this Wednesday,

8 thoughts on “Reading or Listening to Anything Good These Days?

  1. Thank you so much Rachel for this podcast info. That will bring positive path forward in my journey to healthier.

  2. I listen to the Food Heaven podcast too! Some of the other health/fitness podcasts I listen to are Half Size Me, Lean with Plants, Sigma Nutrition, and The Health Scientist Podcast.

  3. Thank you Rachel. I ordered this book on audio and will start listening today.
    The books that have been suggested reads through TOPS have been game changers for me. Please continue to give us tips on books. Great Topics get me where I’m heading. A healthy, slender body full of enthusiasm for living.

  4. I was inspired by the Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal. I have said for years that “ it feels so good to feel good”. By this I mean exactly what this book explains. Exercise, and especially outside waking and hiking fill my brain and spirit with JOY. Within minutes of beginning movement I become a new person with a new Attitude. My being is at peace.
    At present I’m audio reading The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.
    Please keep us informed of books or podcasts which will help us on our journey.

    1. Thank you so much for this follow-up note, Loretta! And I am really glad to hear “Joy of Movement” resonated with you so much. Hiking definitely replenishes me on a holistic level as well.

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