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Watching Your Weight? Focus on These

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There’s been a lot of buzz about non-scale victories lately and for good reason. Broadening your focus beyond what the scale reads is one way to stay motivated on your journey. Think about your last frustrating face-off with the scale. Did it leave you feeling empowered or defeated? While this number can motivate us to work harder, it may also leave us feeling like all of our hard work throughout the week didn’t pay off. That’s why it’s so important to not let one number define your success.

With the holidays right around the corner, take some time to jot down three to five non-scale victories (NSVs) you can celebrate. These are different for everyone but may include:

  • Hitting the gym at least three times in a week
  • Reaching a daily step goal
  • Dedicating half of your Thanksgiving plate to vegetables
  • Meal prepping once a week
  • Feeling calm and at peace with your food choices
  • Skipping the snooze button on your alarm during the week
  • Crushing your daily water goal
  • Trying one new lighter version of a holiday recipe

The scale and I have had a rocky relationship lately and have been taking some time apart. But whenever I check into the gym on my fitness app, I feel energized and happy. Watching this number climb to my monthly goal of 12 keeps me motivated even when I’ve splurged on my favorite sugary coffee drink. The scale is still an important measure of health. After all, more than 70% of new members come to TOPS for the accountability of the scale and weekly meetings. Just don’t let it be your only measure of success. Scales don’t tell your full tale.

What non-scale victories will you be focusing on over the holidays?

12 thoughts on “Watching Your Weight? Focus on These

  1. My “scale” figures have been very frustrating to me of late and it has left me feeling a little depressed and defeated. Your blog couldn’t have come at a better time.I am a firm believer of regularly attending my weekly TOPS meeting and facing the scale for accountability.After reading the blog I am now going concentrate on “non- scale victories ” as well. I will be using your suggestions to start off and then gradually add my own.Thank you.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that this blog is good timing, Sheila! Hope focusing on NSVs helps you. I know it helps me 🙂

  2. I am going to make the NSV into a chart and have my chapter keep track during the holidays for a contest. Thanks!

  3. Mine include keeping blood sugars under control and blood pressure within normal range. Both of these I manage when I do 3 of the above consistently – exercising at least 3x week, meal planning with lots of veggies in plan and drinking water.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Teri! Love that your meal plan includes “lots of veggies” – so important (and delicious)!

  4. My sister and I belong to the same TOPS chapter and are currently running the program for the next few weeks. As part of it we included a “Winter Wonderland” challenge which includes a team and individual challenges. The TEAM challenge (Trimming the Tree) does focus on weight loss but the individual challenges incorporate other aspects of healthy living including:
    *Reindeer Games: any form of exercise
    *Festive Feet: hitting at least 5,000 steps daily
    *Party Planner: daily meal/menu planning
    *TOPS Angel: reaching out to at least two fellow TOPS members each week
    The members in our chapter were VERY receptive and are enjoying the challenge. So far my NSVs include:
    -going to my morning exercise class at least 5x/week
    -daily meal planning
    -choosing healthier food options
    -decreased body fat to 22% and increased lean muscle mass

  5. Thanks for a great reminder . I have at least 3 to 5 goals in a week that are all health related that tend to also help me lose weight, my nsv that when acknowledged help me the most are practicing portion control and eating my supper on time which is a big stumbling block for me during a busy week. I have recently added using my light box at breakfast and supper because bot only does it help me to feel better as sunlight disappears , but I have come to believe it also helps keep my metabolism running properly because it’s aids in hormone balance. These modifications are changes which can be challeging . That’s why they are nsv for me.

    1. Is it possible to print this message without the pictures. Trying to save ink and I want to share with my chapter. I weigh members each week. When I ask: “How are you today?” Their response: “I will know after I weigh.” I believe your message will help them feel better about themselves. Thanks.

  6. I’m focusing on exercising every day, which is fairly easy for me, because I love working out. I’m also focusing on bringing healthy dishes to holiday gatherings, which is more difficult for me, because I have a serious sweet tooth. However, I find that I can be satisfied with lightened-up versions of traditional recipes, and other guests rarely guess that the dish I bring is healthier or lower in calories than it usually would be.

  7. It is May the Fourth when I am reading this and so much still applies during the quarantine time. Healthier habits and focusing on some non-scale applies to this isolation time. I need to focus on the non scale victories that will lead me to see some victories on the scale!

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