4 “High Energy” Foods

Feel like you rarely have enough energy to work out? 

The problem may be less related to motivation and more so due to inadequate nutrition.  

Four High Energy Foods

Certain foods can help boost energy levels for a longer duration than the short “sugar spike” many overly processed snacks trigger. 

In particular, nosh that contains protein, fiber and a complex carb like sweet potatoes can provide much more fuel for physical activity. So, the next time you are feeling a bit sluggish pre- or post-exercise, consider savoring one of the following items before your next trip to the gym. 


Greek yogurt 

Although the fat content is low, one ounce of many varieties of Greek yogurt contains 6 grams of protein — making it an excellent option for a quick breakfast or mid-morning snack prior to taking a power walk during your lunch hour. 


Brown rice 

Brown rice is known to be nutrient-dense. This is primarily due to it being a complex carb, but one cup of cooked brown rice also typically has about 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber — which is why you feel fuller longer after eating brown rice rather than white. So, on days when you’re planning to exercise for 10 or more minutes longer than usual, brown rice is the better grain to pair with a veggie and lean meat for an energizing lunch.   



Starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal will keep you properly fueled for hours. Remember that when prepared from scratch using rolled or quick oats, oatmeal is inexpensive sustenance that often is also gluten-free. Adding a tablespoon of chopped nuts or peanut butter will bump up the protein level to over 6 grams — worth considering if you are training for an endurance event or working on adding more strength training into your fitness routine. 


Egg whites are loaded with protein, plus, are considered to be a healthy source of fat. For those who occasionally consume the egg yolk as well, choosing to boil or poach as the preparation method omits the need to use oil or butter when cooking. Proceed to pair with whole-grain toast or corn tortillas to create a protein- and fiber-rich brunch after an early morning swim or aquatic fitness class.   

What’s your “go to” meal after indoor movement time or outdoor recreation? Share the details with us as a Comment below. 

May you feel worthy, wise and whole this Wednesday. 


10 thoughts on “4 “High Energy” Foods

    1. I had a little dairy free yogurt with dried cherries and granola after yoga this morning, Robin = “Great minds…” 🙂

  1. Love all three of these wonderful nutritional food choices. Thank you, Rachel, for posting such informative information.

    1. I can certainly see the appeal in making that your “go to” breakfast, Amy. Hope you experiment with different toppings and/or preparation methods from time-to-time too.

    1. This sounds interesting, Dawn…Not something I’ve heard of before, but I am usually up for trying just about anything that can be made in a slow cooker.

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