Garden of Weedin’

pulling weeds in a spring garden

This past weekend was a painful reminder of how important it is to always have basic first aid supplies on hand. While pulling weeds in my garden, I accidentally rolled off of a loose landscaping block and tumbled to the pavement below. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything and didn’t require stitches (plus it got me out of doing additional yard work.) After my spill, I did what any adult does when she or he is hurt or sick—I called my parents, who also happen to be recently retired from the medical field.

Nurse Jayne and EMT Chris have a collective 41 years of first aid experience between them and definitely have more insight than most. They also had three kids close in age to keep out of harm’s way, and I was the clumsiest of them all. Clearly nothing has changed much. Midway through our chat, I realized they were giving me more than triage tips; they were giving me a blog idea…and a reason to organize my disaster of a medicine cabinet.

23 minutes and two stories from my childhood later, we came up with Chris and Jayne’s five items (in no particular order) to have on hand in case of a fall, cut or other non-emergency:

  1. Bandages (assorted sizes) – Add these to your list the next time you shop so you always have them on hand. You never know when you might nick your finger while opening a can or even cutting an avocado.
  2. Sterile gauze pads – Keeping bandages handy may seem like a no-brainer, but gauze pads may not be as obvious. Gauze pads are highly absorbent and may be used to help stop bleeding or cover a larger wound.
  3. Disposable gloves (latex-free) – These are a helpful staple for any first aid kit.
  4. Antiseptic wipes (alcohol-free) – Keep your wound clean and help prevent infection without the painful sting of alcohol.
  5. Self-adhering bandage/cohesive bandage (coban) – This wrap works like a tape that sticks to itself but not to skin. It can be a great way to temporarily hold gauze in place, and I was grateful that I just happened to have a roll on hand.

Obligatory medical disclaimer: Please know that I am not a medical professional and these are only suggestions. Always, always, always check with a licensed healthcare professional who is best equipped to assess your unique situation.

At the end of the day, I’m not badly injured (except for my pride), the landscaping block is still loose, the weeds are still in my garden and they will definitely be there tomorrow. Because you know what? I’ve learned that life is too short to worry about weeds.

To learn more about first aid kit essentials, please visit the American Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross.

17 thoughts on “Garden of Weedin’

  1. Hi! Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Thank God you were okay. Take Care! Thank You for your articles on TOPS.. Debbie

  2. Cute… very cute… I can relate to the “incident” you are referring to!!!! However, I now let my hubby, Jim, do the weeding & gardening! He now has time on his hands, and has become our family gardener… “Keep up the good work, Jim!” And Thank you, Covid-19 for giving us “Time on our hands to go out for drives on country roads… on roads we haven’t been on for many years!!!” It reminds me of the song, from many years ago….. “Time is on your side, Yes it is!” Now, I just have to go on the Internet and Look up “Who sang that song many years ago. Have a great day, Maimie

  3. if those are your weeds in the bucket, i leave them grow and call them wild flowers. my motto is they are only weeds if you don’t want them. you are blessed with great parents. my closet has all of this and a lot more. my husband is 83 and he gets cut a LOT….

  4. The weeds pictured are actually a stock photo – my weeds aren’t nearly that pretty! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  5. Loved your blurb. I am a First Aid Kit fanatic. I make them and give them as gifts since I was first out of college. If you already have one, you may want to update it once in a while. I typically have paper tape for sensitive skin, but I like the self adhering bandage better. I will be adding that to my bigger kits. (I have multiple – home, car, purse … )

  6. Glad you are ok. I’ve had a few mishaps myself and just like you nothing worse for the wear at 85 I’ve promised my kids I want climb any ladders I can do enough damage on the ground. Thanks for you article lived it❤️

  7. Thanks for the update on the five things you need in first aid kit.
    Im glad you didnt get hurt real bad.

  8. Glad you are okay and thanks! Great reminder to review our First Aid kits. When my kids were young I even had one in the car for sports events, etc. Weeds are still in mine too, however thanks to our conversation a good month ago and the webinar, I am focused, motivated and down 12 pounds! Thanks <3

  9. So glad to hear your were not seriously hurt. I know from experience falling is scary.
    I am sure those weeds will wait until you can have another go at them.

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