Everyday Fitness You’re Already Doing

Woman Folding Laundry Can Be Apart of Your Everyday Fitness

Working out, at times, can certainly feel like a chore. But the good news I wanted to share today is a reminder about a few household tasks many of us are already doing, that are pretty efficient in terms of cardiovascular exercise. 

So, the next time it feels like you may be creeping toward a fitness slump, recognize you’re still regularly burning calories by: 

Doing the dishes 

Cleaning the kitchen for even 20 minutes utilizes (on average) about 44 calories. Thus, the more washing and drying there is to do, the better — at least in regard to logging active movement time. 

Preparing meals 

Cutting vegetables, slicing meat and chopping fresh herbs for 20 minutes typically burns 49 calories. When more intensive prep is involved (like whipping batters by hand), such activities may use up to an additional 40 calories. 

Refreshing decor 

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a table or a wall requires about 80 calories worth of energy for 20 minutes’ worth of work. Make a day out of it—and you’ll have gotten in a sweat sesh on par with having gone for a long walk. 

Tidying the yard 

Raking the yard can make use of up to 123 calories. And if you still have outdoor plants to tend to with the hose, every 20 minutes adds an additional 37.  

Putting away laundry, vacuuming and grocery shopping are also great everyday tasks that require a decent amount of cardio output.  

Got other ideas on how to expand our fit lives beyond the gym? Drop them in comment field below…before heading off to make the most of another wonderful Wellness Wednesday! 


10 thoughts on “Everyday Fitness You’re Already Doing

  1. At TOPS this morning we had a program on good attitude being important as we travel the road to maintaining or losing weight given from a TOPS source presented by one our members. We’re a chapter with about 15 members in NC & are a good mix of both TOPS & KOPS! I’m a 20 year KOPS.

  2. I often do small increments of exercises while waiting for the toast to pop or the coffee to be ready or even while I’m filling the sink with water to do dishes. Things like pushups using the counter, or squats, or calf stretches.

  3. Thanks for the great information. I didn”t realize doing house chores used so many calories . I will remember how many calories I use when working around my house. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Janice,
    I have no doubt that your success over the past 2 decades have helped some of your fellow chapter members achieve their wellness goals. And I also agree that a positive mindset can really help one stay on track in terms of making time for active movement and “beneficial” food choices.

  5. I love that doing household tasks also burns calories! I have a mini trampoline in the living room, so, when I’m working at home (on my stand-up desk) I take little breaks to jump on the trampoline. =)

    1. I also have a standing desk, Robin = so “hive five” to that! No trampoline, BUT I do have a balance board that I’m trying to figure out how to use while working/typing. Quite challenging indeed. So thanks to you, now I have a “Plan B” if I never get the hang of it.

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