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Wellness Wednesday

This Type of Workout Can Be Done Anywhere

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June is coming to a close (how did that happen?) and you may find your schedule continuing to fill up. This can make it difficult to fit in fitness. But if you have 10 minutes, room to move, and a timer, an EMOM workout may be just what you need. EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute” and is a simple and effective way to build strength and challenge yourself. And you can make it as easy or tough as you want.

Before you begin, make sure you have a timer that will notify you every minute, and set it for 10 minutes total. There are a number of free fitness timer apps that you can download or you can even find a free 10-minute EMOM timer on YouTube. Make sure you spend a few minutes warming up; this gets your body and brain ready to move and lessens the risk of a muscle strain. Next, pick two movements that you can perform with good form, and keep in mind that this workout can get tough quick!

An upper-body EMOM workout might look like this:

Minute 1: 8 bicep curls (using a resistance band, dumbbells, or water bottles)
Minute 2: 8 wall pushups
Minute 3: 8 bicep curls
Minute 4: 8 wall pushups

Continue to alternate until your 10 minutes are up. The combinations of movements are endless and can be done while sitting, standing, or alternating between sitting and standing. The best part? You don’t need access to a gym and you can do this right in your living room, in a park with a friend, or in your hotel room if you’re traveling. Challenge yourself, listen to your body, and make sure it’s fun!

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The information presented is educational and may not suit an individual’s particular health situation. Always check with your doctor or a licensed healthcare professional before beginning a new program.

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