The Periodic Table of TOPS: Tm is for Time

Thulium, symbolized by Tm, is a rare earth element with limited practical uses. For my refracted purpose, I can add another use for this symbol. 

Tm in the Periodic Table of TOPS will symbolize Time.  As I get older, there never seems to be enough Time (Tm) in a day to accomplish what I feel needs to be done. Many a Time (Tm) I have asked for a 30-hour day but, would it really make a difference? 

I can honestly say that I put my attempts to get a Healthy (H) LiFe on hold for quite some Time (Tm). I figured, there would be Time (Tm) later on to tackle my Temptations (T) so I just ate any amount of Food (F) I wanted. 

Little did I realize that wasted Time (Tm) cannot always be re-captured. I consider myself very fortunate, I found TOPS before it was really too late. I was able to create a Plan (P) to modify my Behavior (B) so I could Control (C) my Weight (W). 

I now realize that I was the one putting pressure on myself to get things done. I have now learned the importance of taking Time (Tm) for myself. To do so is not being selfish, it is being Sensible (Sb). 

TM is for Time. I now realize that I was the one putting pressure on myself to get things done. I have now learned that importance to take time for myself. To do so is not being selfish, it is being sensible.

Now, I do not want to pretend I have mastered the art of Time (Tm) management. I still struggle with past bad habits that impede progress on my LiFe PaTh. I try to eat on a pre-set Time (Tm) table and not wait to be hungry, thus possibly losing Control (C). 

You have all heard it before, there is never enough Time (Tm). My father once told me, “With all the modern conveniences that save Time (Tm), why can people not get things done?” Ironically, it was his father who told me, “There are 24 hours in a day; you sleep for eight hours, you work for eight hours. What the heck are people doing with the other eight hours?” 

Possibly, both my father and grandfather were born in a Time (Tm) when there were not so many distractions. With that kind of thinking and advice, I should have never been stuck in Time (Tm). I can only say that I never thought I was a procrastinator, I just put things off until tomorrow. 

However, I feel we live in a Time (Tm) where we do have the opportunity to turn things around on getting Healthy (H), despite the many distractions and no matter when we start. With my Health (H), I am pleased to say I have a tomorrow, and look forward to a Healthy (H) future with the Support (S) of TOPS.  

Taking Time (Tm) for myself to concentrate on self-care is what turned it around for me. I hope you can do the same. Remember, it is not being selfish, it is just being Sensible (Sb). You need to take care of yourself so you will be around in the future to help others. 

Abraham Lincoln said it wisely, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a Time (Tm).”  

Let us all take it one day at a Time (Tm). Never put it off until tomorrow, do what you can today. 


3 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Tm is for Time

  1. THANKS. Time is one of our most important and valuable assets. Something we never have enough of and something that we need to share so we enjoy it more.

  2. Love this blog. It contains so many valuable, “timely” pointers. I dubbed myself “Slow Jo” a few years ago. Friends and relatives agree it was a great choice of handle. Being a slower paced person has worked for me as regards my well-being. Although, I sometimes say, I don’t get headaches myself but , no doubt, my way of functioning brings them on for others who encounter me. Although punctuality is not a strength of mine dependability is. If I say I will be there or do something, it will happen, no matter how long it takes. Like you, I am so glad that a time came for me to join TOPS, get sensible about becoming healthier and becoming a KOPS. I am hopeful that these past 20 years as a KOPS are going to extend the time of my life warranty. So far, so good. i worked 33 years and have enjoyed retirement for 21 years. It’s all about TIME for ME, as I see it!

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