The Periodic Table of TOPS: Sb is for Sensibly

I have repeated the words that make up TOPS so many times and now realize the three first words are very self-evident. However, the fourth word may need some further examination. 

So, let me jump right into the topic at hand. In nature, Sb symbolizes Antimony which is used in electronics and flame-retardant materials. It has no biological uses. It is also not very abundant.

For the Periodic Table of TOPS, Sb must symbolize Sensibly, which is that magic fourth word of the acronym we so much herald, TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly (Sb).

Approaching a healthier lifestyle must be done sensibly. The ultimate goal is to be healthy.

What is Sensibly (Sb)? Words like wisely, prudent, practical, and functional come to mind. However, if it’s so wise to lose Weight (W), why should it matter if I do it Sensibly (Sb) or not? With all the promises out there of quick fixes to lose Weight (W) that take the Planning (P) away from me, why should I be concerned with an approach dealing with Sensibly (Sb)?

Take the name of the natural element, antimony, used to introduce my building block (Sb) for the journey on my LiFe PaTh. The word to describe a contradiction to equally valid principles is antinomy. The words look the same but are different.

And this is my point. With all the choices out there that may appear similar, yet seemingly contradictory, approaching a healthier lifestyle must be done Sensibly (Sb). The ultimate goal is to be Healthy (H) Possibly doing harm on the way does not seem prudent.

Following wild schemes to get a Victory (V) of good Health (H) is definitely not using the approach of Sensibly (Sb).  I do my best to keep my Momentum (Mo) every day and not change my Behavior (B) just because it’s the day I face the Scale (Sc).

I encourage folks not to be taken in by the promise of an easy lane on your LiFe PaTh. If it sounds too good to be true, maybe it’s not really that easy or may cost more in many different ways.

While some may have a “system”, others may just “watch” or “go low”, TOPS will always go high with the validated approach of Support (S) and Accountability (Ac)…it’s the Sensibly (Sb) thing to do.


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