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Wellness Wednesday

Ways to Stay Active in Winter



As I write this, the flakes continue to fly here in Wisconsin. They’re pretty, I’ll give them that. But all I can think about is scraping my windshield at the end of the workday, the slippery ride home and the endless shoveling. Spring is only a few weeks away, but winter feels like it’s dragging on … and on. One way to brush off the winter blues and keep the happy vibes flowing is to get moving. I was curious to learn how my fellow team members in our communications and outreach department keep moving in the winter. Here’s what they had to say.

“I climb stairs! Really gets the heart pumping and you feel good about having done something when it’s too icy to walk outside. I also find it’s a good workout for when it’s too hot outside.” Barbara M., Associate Editor, TOPS News magazine

“Listening to podcasts keeps me entertained while grocery shopping, doing laundry or running errands. I also challenge myself to do yoga three times a week, either to YouTube videos at home or with a class at the local recreation center.” John R., Editorial Team Leader, TOPS News magazine

“I like to check out exercises DVDs from my local library—they usually have a wide variety. I also do TOPS ‘12 Days of Fitmas’ (posted on Facebook) and the ‘Couch Potato to Couch Commando’ workout (from the October 2018 issue of TOPS News). I enjoy taking gentle yoga classes at a studio too, which gives me a reason to get out of the house and warm up my muscles!” Kimberly G., Marketing Manager

“My favorite ways to stay active in winter are also my favorite ways to stay active year-round:  yoga, barre and Pilates. I like the low-impact, high intensity movements that Pilates and barre offer, and I enjoy the physical and mental challenge that a regular yoga practice provides. I’m not big into running (I get shin splints easily) and other forms of cardio are just not my thing.” Taylor P., Member Content Associate, TOPS News Magazine

“I really enjoy doing group fitness classes. They give you that more social feel, which is nice when you feel like you’re stuck inside all of the time and don’t have as many opportunities to be social. I also enjoy playing with my dog outside after a fresh snowfall. I get all bundled up and go run around with him until we get too cold and need to go back inside.” Alyssa M., Outreach Liaison

“I like to stay active in the winter by bundling up and walking in the snow!” Lisa M., Digital Content Manager

“I love getting out and cross country skiing.” Shannon L.M., Communications and Outreach Director

As for me, I try to keep moving by using kettlebells and resistance bands at the gym. I also love taking my pups to the dog park … even if my husband rolls his eyes when I insist they wear their little winter coats. How do you stay active in the winter?


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