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Wellness Wednesday

The Domino Effect

DominosHave you ever thought of how one choice you made in life affected the life you’re living right now? Maybe you wouldn’t have met your spouse if you hadn’t nervously agreed to that blind date. Maybe you would never have landed your dream job if, without knowing much about it, you hadn’t decided to apply anyway. While there are certainly circumstances beyond our control, our lives mostly result from the choices we make every day. And these choices often cause a chain reaction that leads to any number of events. This is what’s often referred to as the domino effect. One choice affects another, which affects another, and so on.

This week, I’m attending our annual conference known as International Recognition Days in Reno, Nevada. My favorite part of this conference is listening to our members’ success stories. We often hear from members who have lost 50, 100, or 200+ pounds, no longer needed multiple medications and found the life they always knew they deserved. All of this started with making one choice. The choice to do things differently. The choice to attend that first TOPS meeting, no matter how apprehensive they may have been. We hear from members whose weight-loss journeys affected more than their appearance and inspired them to make a career change, finish triathlons and even find love.

When you make a choice to change for yourself and your health, the impact goes far beyond what the scale reads. I often write about the idea of building a better you. The choices we make every day can do just that, one domino at a time.

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