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Wellness Wednesday

10 Things That Are More Important Than a Summer Body

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I look forward to the day when I no longer hear references in the fitness and wellness world to getting ready for “swimsuit season” or shedding weight for our “summer bodies.” What if our “summer bodies” could just be whatever our bodies look like in the summer? And what if instead of worrying about a number on the scale, we focus on feeling stronger after a workout or calmer after a walk? Speaking as someone who has put on weight during the last 14 months, here’s what I’m choosing to focus on instead.

  1. How good it feels to push myself through an intense workout.
  2. Trying a new summer recipe that’s nutritious and actually tastes good.
  3. Finally getting to hug friends and share in-person laughs with loved ones.
  4. Having the energy to play a tenth round of hide and seek with my nieces (who, somehow, never run out of energy).
  5. The way the air smells and how good the sun feels on a long hike with my two dogs.
  6. Having the balance and core strength to try standup paddleboarding and, hopefully, not toppling off.
  7. Feeling strong during a bike ride with multiple unforgiving hills.
  8. Having the endurance to haul hoses, potting soil, and planters for my new flowers and trees (which I’m determined to not kill).
  9. Picking rocks and agates along the shores of Lake Superior with my sister and nephew.
  10. How much more peaceful I feel after a gentle yoga flow.

Until the day that “summer body” references are a thing of the past, let’s celebrate who we are, how we feel, and what our bodies are capable of this summer and all year long.

What keeps you motivated as we head into summer?

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