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Wellness Wednesday

Spring Clean Your Weight-Loss Goals

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We finally got our first real taste of spring here in the Midwest this week. Grills were fired up, windows were thrown open and winter boots were gleefully tucked away … and now we’re expecting snow. But, despite the weather, it’s still officially spring and a great time to refresh your healthy goals. If your New Year’s resolution seems like a distant memory, take some time to think about what you need to keep moving forward. Sow your own seeds of success this spring with these three tips.

Take inventory of your meal plan. Our workplace chapter here at TOPS recently kicked off a scavenger hunt and one of the ways to earn points is to keep a food journal. I’ve found that, even if I do nothing else, this helps keep me on track. It shows me which nutrients I’m lacking, where I may be overindulging a bit and where I can plan for treats like Easter candy. Focus on tracking your food this week and see which areas of your meal plan could use a little spring cleaning. For example, the March/April issue of TOPS News includes a contest that’ll help you dig into seasonal veggies like asparagus, morels and artichokes.

Clear your clutter. A messy or disorganized environment can weigh you down in more ways than one. Just as you clear the weeds and leaves out of your garden before planting new seeds, make sure your surrounding environment is clear and ready for change. If the treadmill in your living room is serving as an expensive clothing rack, clear it off or consider donating it if it’s just making you feel guilty each time you walk by. If you’re keeping clothes that don’t fit anymore just in case, get rid of them or trade them in for something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Freshen up your fitness. It’s a new season, and a new opportunity to find activity that makes you feel energized. It’s time to stop thinking of exercise as punishment and start thinking of it as your daily mood lifter. And, remember, you rarely (if ever) find yourself saying, “I really regret that workout.” Think about trying a class at your local rec center, signing you and your pup up for a charity walk or joining a community litter cleanup.

Planting seeds of success is something we do one choice at a time, one day at a time. If you can only tackle one of these tips at a time, it’s better than taking on too much only to feel overwhelmed and give up. How will you spring clean your healthy goals?

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